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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Canthan race. For the sylvari organization, see Wardens. For the leader of the Astral Ward, see Warden of the Wizard's Court.
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Wardens are ancient plant-like protectors of the Echovald Forest that serve Urgoz.


Warden horns are quite versatile, and have historically been used in numerous ways by the Kurzicks. The horns of adolescent wardens, due to their energy and vigor, were commonly used to enchant staves, whereas the horns of adult wardens were used to reinforce armor and shields. The horns of elder wardens are extremely difficult to shape due to their toughness, and so were used as brushes and instruments by more artistic individuals.[1] The horns of Wardens of Forests are able to be shaped into extremely sharp arrows.[2]


There appears to be more than one warden clan, with each answering ultimately to Urgoz. Wardens historically did not take individual names; instead, they were granted monikers based on their position in the warden hierarchy and seemingly based on the types of magic they wielded. The weakest and lowest-ranked wardens were granted monikers such as "Warden of the Leaf", "Warden of the Moss" or "Warden of the Conch". More powerful wardens appeared to be named after concepts and more advanced plants such as "Warden of the Tree" and "Warden of the Spirit". The next group of wardens in the hierarchy were named after environments or natural phenomena, such as "Wardens of Earth", "Wardens of Forests" and "Wardens of Winds", and Eclipse Wardens.[3] More powerful wardens than these were granted names based on large sea creatures, particular trees and complex forms of plant life, such as "Warden of the Kraken", "Warden of the Oak" or "Warden of Saprophytes". The wardens leading the clans were named after the seasons, such as "Wardens of Summer" or "Wardens of Spring".[4]


Early history[edit]

Wardens are forest spirits who are rumored to originally be Kurzicks that underwent a ritual to merge with the forest spirit Urgoz, transforming them into the immortal plant-like guardians of the Echovald.[5] As the forest's guardians, the warden clans were commanded by Urgoz. With the Jade Wind, the wardens were for some reason unharmed but driven to madness at their failure to preserve the forest and began attempting to slaughter humans in retaliation. The warden clans claim the right of vengeance for the damage dealt to both the Jade Sea and the Echovald and work in mysterious ways to attempt to revert the destruction Shiro caused.[4]

Sometime after the Jade Wind, the wardens alongside Urgoz attacked and took control of a Kurzick amber mine which the Kurzicks had previously used for most of their amber mining, causing their economy to almost collapse entirely.

Guild Wars Factions[edit]

In 1582 CC (1072 AE), a group of wardens attacked Kurzick settlements in Amatz Basin, where they were opposed by human heroes allied with the Kurzicks. The forest guardians attempted to hunt down and attack refugees fleeing their destroyed homes, but were slain by the heroes. Many Kurzicks were saved, but the wardens continued to infest the region.

Soon after, a group of wardens arrived in the mines of Altrumm Ruins, where they attempted to steal amber from the Kurzick miners alongside dredge. However, they were repelled by the same human heroes as had fought back against them in Amatz Basin, and eventually driven off alongside the dredge and stone constructs. The remaining chunks of amber were harvested by the Kurzick miners.

Recent developments[edit]

In 1335 AE, led by the warden Tetra Earthcall, female wardens began emerging in Echovald for the first time. They claimed that they had previously been guarding a location of great importance, hidden far from prying eyes, and that they had emerged because they felt called to protect humanity from the scourge of Jade Tech. To this end, Tetra offered her aid to the group of protestors and activists who would later become known as the Speakers.


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    Now they stand as the ultimate protectors of the Echovald that is. The clan claims the right of vengeance for what Shiro Tagachi wrought, and blames all humans for the Jade Wind that stripped the woods and sea of life, but inexplicably left the Wardens unharmed. Driven nearly mad, enraged at their failure to fulfill their only purpose, they work in their own mysterious ways to reverse the effects of Shiro’s death, but until they succeed, they will threaten any humans they encounter.
    Wardens do not take names as such, but take their monikers from their rank in the clan’s natural hierarchy. The lowest ranked, least powerful Wardens are associated with the smallest forms and shapes of nature—leaves, moss, seashells, and so on. Higher up are those Wardens who take their name from particular trees or larger forms of sea life, while those protectors that lead the clans take the names of the seasons.
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