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General Almorra Soulkeeper


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Some must fight, so that all may be free.

General Almorra Soulkeeper

General Almorra Soulkeeper is the founder and one of the leaders of the Vigil, alongside Laranthir of the Wild, Warmaster Efut, Lord Rodrigo of Cormoch, and Jhavi Jorasdottir. She is the dam of Ajax Anvilburn and an unnamed daughter,[1] and the granddam of Ember Doomforge. After losing her warband to Kralkatorrik's Dragonbrand, Almorra resolved to gather like-minded people from all races into a military organization to fight against the Elder Dragons.


Early years[edit]

Almorra Soulkeeper was once a tribune in the Blood Legion.[2] While serving in the legion, she had a relationship with future Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer who viewed her as his fire and blood. Almorra gave birth to two cubs: a son named Ajax Anvilburn sired by Bangar,[3] and an unnamed daughter who would eventually give birth to Almorra's granddaughter Ember Doomforge. As per legion custom, Almorra left her cubs to be raised in the fahrar and never got to know them well.[1] Almorra's daughter would eventually join the Ash Legion.[4]

Almorra's Soul Warband was eventually assigned to the Fields of Ruin to help the High Legions in the siege of Ebonhawke whose human population were fighting against charr rule in Ascalon. Under the orders of her centurion who was in command of charr forces interdicting enemy supplies, Almorra was on patrol with her warband in the Lowland Burns in 1320 AE when the recently awakened Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik passed overhead. Beginning with her second-in-command Harthog Soulslasher, the warband succumbed to the Crystal Dragon's breath and became Branded; Almorra, however, miraculously survived despite being a foot away from Harthog. After shattering the Branded Harthog who had attacked her, she witnessed the rest of the Branded warband turn on one another and waited until there were only a few of them left before destroying the rest. In time, Soulkeeper's slaying of her warband came to be known as Almorra's Massacre.[2][5]

Almorra witnesses Kralkatorrik passing by shortly before the rest of her warband is Branded.

As a result of her having witnessed firsthand this new horrific threat and losing her entire warband, Almorra became a gladium and fell into depression at the realization how impossible it was for a single person to take on an Elder Dragon. For a time she refused help from anyone and focused on revenge until a few unlikely allies, including the sylvari secondborn Laranthir of the Wild, helped her return to her senses. Laranthir convinced Almorra to turn her mission of vengeance into a mission of justice, and Soulkeeper made a vow to her fallen warband to destroy Kralkatorrik and the Crystal Dragon's minions.

Realizing that only through unity could the Tyrian races hope to defeat the Elder Dragons, and wanting to save her from herself, Almorra founded a military organization which she named the Vigil, coining the order's motto "Some must fight, so that all may be free."[2][6][7] As the General of the Vigil, Almorra had a cunning strategic mind and a dry sense of humor.[8][9] She made Laranthir a Grand Warmaster, her second-in-command in the Vigil, and dictated that he would succeed her as general if she fell in battle.[10]

Ajax reunited with Almorra after the founding of the Vigil. The general tried to explain to her son why she had left the Blood Legion for the Vigil, but Ajax did not understand the threat of the Elder Dragons and viewed Almorra's campaign as a waste of time before parting ways with her.[1] Almorra learned later that Ajax had also been in contact with his sire Bangar, and she came to believe that Bangar had poisoned their son's thoughts with his hatred for humans.[3]

Ghosts of Ascalon[edit]

After learning that Almorra had left the Blood Legion and founded the Vigil as a direct response to the threat posed by Kralkatorrik and other Elder Dragons in 1320 AE, Ash Legion Imperator Malice Swordshadow ordered her trusted agent Ember Doomforge, Almorra's grandcub, to infiltrate the order under the pretense of remitting Ember from the legion to boost the Vigil's numbers. However, the three female charr all knew the real reason Ember was in the Vigil: to report to Malice on the Vigil's activities. Almorra accepted Ember into the order without issue despite knowing Ember's true allegiance; it is suggested that the general eventually learned that Malice was secretly supportive of the faction among the charr who were working for a truce with humanity so they could free more of their forces to fight the Elder Dragons, a goal which Almorra herself was after.[11]

Personal story[edit]

In early 1325 AE, General Soulkeeper continued her efforts to guarantee and safeguard the Ebonhawke Treaty negotiations. This brought her into direct conflict with her son, Ajax Anvilburn, the latest leader of the Renegades who were aggressively opposing peace between the humans and the charr. After an attempted bombing assault and a large scale Renegade infiltration of the Stronghold of Ebonhawke, Ajax attempted to assault the Summit Peak where the treaty negotiations were taking place. The attack was repelled, and Ajax was slain shortly afterwards.

The victory was largely thanks to substantial involvements from the Vigil, including Warmaster Forgal Kernsson and his Crusader companion, who were able to operate without sparking further racial tensions between the two negotiating parties. Almorra kept her relation to Ajax hidden during the conflict, believing that misplaced sentimentality would threaten the Vigil's operation, but opened up about the matter after the Crusader had asked her about Ajax's last words which had been about cursing Almorra for being a coward and not facing her own blood in battle.

After Forgal and the Crusader had successfully enlisted other races to assist the Vigil in the struggle against the Elder Dragons, Almorra warmly welcomed the racial representatives to the Vigil. She was pleased that the pair had succeeded in their mission, and promoted the Crusader to a Warmaster before sending the pair to investigate mysterious Vigil and Lionguard disappearances in Lion's Arch. The pair discovered that the Risen, minions of the Elder Dragon Zhaitan, had been behind the disappearances, and that the minions were only scouts paving the way for a bigger invasion.

During the Risen invasion of Lion's Arch following the first Battle of Claw Island where Forgal and several Lionguard had perished, General Soulkeeper personally led the defense against Zhaitan's armies as they invaded the Bloodcoast Ward, east of Fort Marriner. The Vigil troops were able to repel the attack successfully, prompting Almorra to return to the Vigil Keep in Gendarran Fields to raise an army for the coming war.

Zhaitan's armies preempted her, however, swiftly besieging the Vigil fortress by swarming out of the water and carefully timing their assault during a change of guard. The assault was ultimately not successful, however, serving mostly to inform the general and her warmasters further about the extent of Zhaitan's tactical capabilities.

Bringing her soldiers back down to Lion's Arch for the counterattack, Almorra was initially hesitant to work together with the Durmand Priory and the Order of Whispers, viewing them as undependable allies. However, she pledged the Vigil's strength to the Pact after the Pact Commander had made her realize that the three orders of Tyria had to set their differences aside and combine their forces and respective strengths to stand a chance against the Elder Dragon's army, though not before she insisted on a proper hierarchy for the military operation. This prompted the sylvari firstborn Trahearne being nominated as the Pact Marshal as he was not a member of any of the orders and was greatly respected by all of them.

The newly-founded Pact then continued on to liberate Fort Stalwart in the second Battle of Claw Island. It defeated Blightghast the Plaguebringer, a champion of Zhaitan, and drove the Risen back into the sea, paving the way for the reclamation of Fort Trinity and the Pact invasion of Orr.

During the campaign against Zhaitan, Almorra sent some Vigil soldiers to the concealed camp of Burnt Hollow to observe the Flame Legion's magic and weapons. The Vigil troops were also ordered to destroy Flame Legion resources, tear down their camps, and kill any who attacked them.[12]

After the Pact had slain Zhaitan with the assistance of the Pact Commander and the reunited Destiny's Edge, a great celebration was held in Fort Trinity. General Soulkeeper attended the festivities and congratulated the heroes on their success. She also had some light banter with Steward Gixx and Riel Darkwater, leaders of the Durmand Priory and the Order of Whispers, respectively. Almorra had a positive outlook, believing the victory celebration to be the first of many in the campaign against the Elder Dragons.

Living World Season 1[edit]

In 1326 AE, the Molten Alliance assaulted both charr and norn lands and took prisoners. The Vigil responded by mobilizing its forces with Almorra herself turning her focus from the Elder Dragons to this newest threat and being welcoming of any aid adventurers and locals provided to her forces. Thanks to the efforts of the Pact Commander, Braham Eirsson, Rox and adventurers, the Vigil eventually beat the Molten Alliance back and rescued surviving prisoners.

Later that year, Vigil tacticians reported that Tequatl the Sunless, a champion of Zhaitan, seemed to have evolved; its attacks had become more elaborate as it learned from each encounter with the order.[13] Almorra dispatched Warmaster Narru to investigate the reports, theorizing that the change Tequatl was undergoing may have been a response to the Pact offensive in Orr. Vigil forces and adventurers such as Rox brought down the evolved Tequatl to end the threat it posed to the region.

General Soulkeeper eventually learned about the sylvari terrorist Scarlet Briar's involvement in the forming of the Molten Alliance and other sinister alliances which had been terrorizing Tyria. When these alliances invaded Lion's Arch, Almorra had Vigil Keep opened for refugees and services, turning an inner portion of the keep into a new hub for asura gates leading to the capital cities for the duration of the Lionguard's counterattack in the Battle for Lion's Arch. In addition the general stationed troops at Applenook Hamlet to secure the northern entrance into Lion's Arch. The refugee camp remained for a while after services, and asura gates, returned to the reclaimed Lion's Arch while it was being rebuilt.

Living World Season 3[edit]

Almorra and the rest of the crew of the Pride of the Pact witness the explosion of the Maguuma Bloodstone.

The Pact's campaign in the Heart of Maguuma cost many lives. Following the untimely death of Pact Marshal Trahearne during the final battle against the Elder Dragon Mordremoth, Almorra took the lead in regrouping the allied forces of the Pact in the interim while searching for a candidate to take Trahearne's position as the new Pact Marshal.[14] She initially approached the Pact Commander with the offer in Rata Novus in 1329 AE only to witness the Commander not only politely declining the position but also resigning from active duty in the Pact.

Disappointed but understanding of the decision, Almorra promised that the Commander would retain their former Pact rank for life and offered her personal airship, the Pride of the Pact, to drop the Commander, Rytlock Brimstone and Canach off at Bloodstone Fen so the group could pursue Minister Caudecus who had disappeared from the Royal Palace of Divinity's Reach where he had been in house arrest earlier. She also delivered a written summons from the Legions for Rytlock to return to the Black Citadel for questioning about his time in the Mists, only to witness him deliberately ignoring the summons.

As the airship approached Bloodstone Fen, however, the passengers witnessed the Maguuma Bloodstone exploding and nearly consuming everything in its radius before the blast suddenly reversed. After regaining their composure, the crew focused on repairing the damaged airship while the Commander, Canach and Rytlock explored the area for survivors and leads on Caudecus's whereabouts and to learn what exactly had caused the explosion. While she was kept up to date by the Commander, Almorra oversaw repairs of the airship and helped transport the Commander's party out of Bloodstone Fen after they had concluded their mission there.

Almorra contacted Logan Thackeray in 1330 AE and offered him the position of Pact Marshal. Although Logan was initially reluctant to become marshal, he reconsidered his stance and accepted the general's offer when he realized he was not needed at Queen Jennah's side following the successful defense of Divinity's Reach against Caudecus's White Mantle insurrection.[15]

Living World Season 4[edit]

After Kralkatorrik had used his new powers to raise one of the felled Shatterers in 1331 AE, Almorra and her Pact troops tracked the revived Shatterer on its way to the Jahai Bluffs, intending to destroy it for good. The Shatterer downed their airships—including Almorra's new personal airship Soul's Vendetta—during the chase, however, and vanished through a hole in the sky, later revealed to be a rift into the Mists. Realizing that the Shatterer would probably go after the Pact Commander who had been traveling around Elona, Almorra and her forces headed to the Fortress of Jahai to intercept the Shatterer only to arrive there too late to stop it from leaving again.

After a brief reunion with the Commander during which she explained how she had ended up at Jahai, Almorra learned that the Shatterer had in fact been after the Commander's dragon ally Aurene, a scion of Glint, whose existence posed a threat to Kralkatorrik. The general decided to focus on the threat the Shatterer posed to the region to assist the Commander and hamper Kralkatorrik's forces. Not wanting to be ambushed again, she devised a plan to use Bloodstone shards as bait to bring the Shatterer down out of the sky at tactically advantageous terrain while gathering local allies such as Awakened, corsairs, Sunspears, griffons and reprogrammed Rata Primus DERV golems to assist her.

While preparing for the fight with the Shatterer, Almorra had conversations with the golem Bait-o-Tron, who complained about being used as a bait carrying Bloodstone shards, much to the general's annoyance.[16] Almorra's army eventually cornered and destroyed the dragon champion although the Pact members knew that the general would not be satisfied until she had defeated Kralkatorrik.[17]

Almorra and her troops met with Marshal Logan Thackeray and joined the Pact Commander's allied forces from Elona and Central Tyria in the assault on Kralkatorrik at Thunderhead Peaks in 1332 AE. Upon meeting the Commander, the general expressed great interest in avenging her fallen warband and killing the Crystal Dragon. She listened to the Commander's speech in the strategy meeting before participating in the battle in the Auditorium where Aurene assisted them.

Although the Pact forces succeeded in injuring Kralkatorrik with newly forged Dragonsblood Spears, the battle ultimately ended with the wounded Crystal Dragon wreaking havoc in the area and killing Aurene and several members of the alliance before fleeing from the trap into the Mists. Almorra was buried under rubble but was dug up by local dredge who had aligned themselves with the Commander and who had assisted the alliance in the battle against Kralkatorrik.[18]

After recovering, General Soulkeeper went to Aurene's pierced corpse to pay her respects, and also consoled the corsair captain Sayida the Sly who had lost much of her crew in the Crystal Dragon's rampage. Despite Aurene's apparent demise, however, the scion was able to revive herself by using lich magic, which she had consumed upon defeating the lich king Palawa Joko in the earlier Battle of Gandara, once the sylvari Caithe and the Commander had removed a Branded spike that had pierced Aurene's heart and prevented her from healing.

The reinvigorated Aurene and the Commander entered the Mists to give chase to the injured Kralkatorrik and drive him back to Tyria before the Elder Dragon could consume more magic to heal himself. Meanwhile Logan informed Almorra and the rest of the Pact to follow the Commander's signal and have an airship fleet waiting for Kralkatorrik's exit point so they could begin the assault on the wounded Crystal Dragon right away. The fleet witnessed Kralkatorrik emerging from the Mists and being pinned underneath chunks from the realms of Fissure of Woe, Melandru's Lost Domain, and the Underworld which formed a new landmass called Dragonfall in the Unending Ocean south of Orr.

Excited at being granted a second chance to take down Kralkatorrik, Almorra mustered all the forces she was able to direct a three-pronged assault on the trapped Crystal Dragon. While setting up a base of operations at Pact Command, she conversed with the Commander's asuran ally Gorrik; although she was irritated by the asura's attitude, she acknowledged his knowledge being useful for the campaign ahead and had her troops help him move his equipment to disrupt the Brandstorms which Kralkatorrik was generating around his body.[18]

After learning about the Commander and Aurene's plan to block the ley lines which Kralkatorrik was feeding on to heal himself, Almorra led an assault of the combined Elonian and Tyrian forces as well as the ghostly Mist Wardens to keep the Crystal Dragon focused on them so the Commander's party could slip in unnoticed.[19] With the ley lines blocked and the Branded trying to stop both the allied army and the Commander's party, the general was able to deal a killing blow to Kralkatorrik's physical shell.[20]

However, even though the Elder Dragon's body died, Kralkatorrik's heart continued beating, so the Commander and Aurene resolved to enter the Crystal Dragon's body while their allies Caithe, Rytlock, and Zafirah stayed behind to protect the blocked ley lines from Branded. After facing many obstacles, the Commander and Aurene successfully pierced Kralkatorrik's heart, and Aurene transformed upon taking in the Crystal Dragon's magic. Everyone present on Dragonfall witnessed the ascended Aurene shooting across the sky like a star as an Elder Dragon of Light,[21] signalling a new age for Tyria.

While most of the Commander's close allies headed home shortly after the Battle of Dragonfall, Almorra stayed behind to organize Pact forces before heading back to Central Tyria herself with the relief that she had avenged her warband at long last. Despite her hard-fought victory, however, the general was aware that the Vigil's mission was not yet over: three more nefarious Elder Dragons remained in the world, and the forces of Tyria had to be prepared for their rise.

Some time after the victory at Dragonfall, Grand Warmaster Laranthir submitted a request for a temporary leave of absence so he might return to the Grove. Almorra personally recommended that Laranthir's request be granted and that he be allowed to return to his duties at a later date at his discretion. While Laranthir was away, Almorra promoted one of her trusty warmasters, Jhavi Jorasdottir, as her new second-in-command.[22]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Blood Legion Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer invited Almorra to Grothmar Valley for the All-Legion Rally which was ostensibly held to celebrate the death of Kralkatorrik. The general was praised as the hero of the Blood Legion who had taken down the Crystal Dragon. Metal Legion, a charr band sponsored by Bangar, dedicated the Ballad of Soulkeeper to her and debuted the song during a concert to a crowd of cheering charr.[23] Varinia Stormsounder, Bangar's Minister of Morale, attempted to sweet-talk Almorra into attending the concert as the hero of the hour to boost legion morale.

The general, however, was more focused on traveling to the Vigil's northern outpost of Jora's Keep to deliver the news of Kralkatorrik's death and get a status report from Jhavi on the troops' monitoring of the area since Jormag had gone dormant following the destruction of Taimi's Machine. Irritated at being the center of attention, Almorra refused the minister's offer to attend the concert, pointing out that it was odd that the Blood Legion would suddenly recognize and honor a gladium like her after all these years. Spotting the Pact Commander approaching her, she used the opportunity to talk to the Commander in private to inform them of her plans and asked the Commander to distract the minister so she could slip away unnoticed.[24]

Before departing to Bjora Marches, General Soulkeeper learned that some rowdy charr had roughed up one of her human Vigil soldiers whom Rytlock had saved. The general stormed into Bangar's office and accused him of not keeping "his thugs" in line. Bangar refuted Almorra's accusations, however, claiming that she had overestimated his influence on the legions and that charr simply forgot how fragile humans could be when handled. Furious at the Blood Imperator's evasions, Almorra left the office without saying another word, passing by the Commander, Rytlock and Bangar's second-in-command Crecia Stoneglow who were on their way to talk with Bangar about the increasing acts of violence committed by charr towards other races in the festival.

Shortly after the meeting, the Commander, Crecia and Rytlock discovered that Bangar had been using the celebration as a front for his true intentions to rally supporters from all the four legions and Renegades behind him and lead them north to find and subdue Jormag as the charr's Elder Dragon deterrent weapon against Aurene. Having been unable to stop Bangar's advance, Rytlock resolved to contact Almorra to let her know about the escalating danger and see if the general could slow down the renegade charr warbands who would be passing by Jora's Keep.[25]

While the Commander was searching for a way to follow Bangar through the Shiverpeaks Pass, Almorra contacted the Commander through her communication device requesting assistance at Jora's Keep. Noting that the general's voice sounded strange, the Commander gathered Braham, Crecia, Rytlock, and Marjory Delaqua to join them and arrived via a chopper to an empty keep. After investigating the area, the group learned that Almorra and Jhavi Jorasdottir had been taken captive by Sons of Svanir and spread out to follow their trail.

Using the power of the Raven Lens which they had found in the keep, the Commander and Braham witnessed glimpses of the past and discovered that members from Braham's norn guild had turned to the Sons' side and had taken the two captives deeper north so Jormag could talk to them. Further visions revealed how Almorra had distracted the kidnappers and ordered Jhavi to flee to warn the Commander about the betrayal, but the kidnappers captured Jhavi again. When the warmaster had not spotted Almorra with the Sons and asked where the general had been taken, the kidnappers had merely remarked that Almorra had killed her last dragon without divulging any more information.[26]

Eventually, the Commander found a note from Almorra addressed to Jhavi whom the Commander and Braham had successfully freed from Braham's treacherous guild mates. The note mentioned a code to meet at Darkrime Delves, and the Commander hurried there to save Almorra. Upon arriving at the cave, however, the Commander found Almorra's Sword and a pile of rubble. After searching the area and digging through the rubble, the Commander discovered Almorra's body which had been given an impromptu burial by an unknown party after her death and informed Crecia and Jhavi about it. The general had been dead for a while, which made the Commander realize that the call that had invited the party to Jora's Keep must not have come from Almorra after all.[27]


Almorra's demise at the hands of Bangar Ruinbringer.

Once news of Almorra's demise spread, the Vigil relief crew built a small memorial using the general's sword, and held a small ceremony in her honor. Word spread that Jhavi would take Almorra's place either as the commanding officer of the keep or as the General of the Vigil in Laranthir's absence. Soldiers came to believe that the Sons of Svanir had been responsible for killing Almorra.[28] After defeating the Fraenir of Jormag and witnessing Jormag using the fraenir's corpse to address them, the Commander's party concluded that the reason Almorra's call to the Commander had sounded strange was because Jormag had possessed Almorra's corpse to make the call.[29]

With Aurene's help and the magic of the Scrying Pool, the Commander discovered the circumstances surrounding Almorra's death by looking into a vision of the past in the Eye of the North. The visions revealed that shortly after splitting up with Jhavi, Almorra escaped from and defeated some of her Sons of Svanir pursuers while in the Darkrime Delves. She came across Bangar Ruinbringer and Ryland Steelcatcher who had been advancing through the delves to find an alternate route for their rogue army.

As the three charr teamed up and progressed through the twisted paths of the delves together, Almorra revealed what the Sons of Svanir had done to the Vigil at Bjora Marches and urged Bangar to send his forces to aid her. Bangar and Ryland ignored the general's request, however, and tried to convince her to help them with their plans instead.

Ryland got briefly separated from the rest of the group, and Bangar and Almorra continued to bicker and shout at one another as they moved forward, arguing over the present turmoil that Bangar was causing and their troubled past together. When Almorra mentioned their son, Ajax, and insinuated that his death had been due to Bangar's influence, Bangar became enraged. They yelled at one another over their incompatible views on how to deal with the Elder Dragon Jormag: Almorra wanted to kill Jormag, while Bangar wanted to tame the dragon and bend it to his will, which Almorra did not think was possible. Finally, their arguments escalated to the point that they began fighting one another, and Almorra, although weakened in Svanir captivity, still had enough strength to knock Bangar back just as Ryland reunited with them.

After questioning Ryland and learning that he would remain loyal to his imperator, Almorra felt that she had no choice but to defeat Ryland too to stop Bangar's plans. The two charr clashed, and Ryland ultimately disarmed the general after a fierce battle.

As Almorra lay on the ground beneath Ryland, the recovered Bangar approached her with a dagger in hand and revealed his feelings for her while he tried to win her over one last time. When Almorra stated that the imperator had never loved her and that his actions would not preserve but end the charr, the angered Bangar stated that the general was too wounded to be saved and that Ryland should mercy kill her with the dagger. Ryland hesitated, however, due to Almorra's heroic status in charr society. Almorra used the last of her strength to stand up and face Bangar one last time while stating that the imperator had now lost another son, inciting Bangar to stab her with the dagger in rage.

Ryland Steelcatcher burying Almorra's body.

As Almorra's body fell to the ground, Bangar stopped to think for a moment, before coldly ordering Ryland to get rid of the body. Ryland uttered the general's Vigil motto—"Some must fight, so that all may be free."—in reverence and took Almorra to the other exit of Darkrime Delves. He buried Almorra under stones from the surrounding rubble while respectfully planting the general's sword in the ground as a grave marker.

The vision of Almorra's last moments revealed to both Aurene and the Pact Commander how unhinged Bangar had become and that it was necessary to stop him before he could get to Jormag.

Once news of the circumstances of Almorra's death became public knowledge, the Vigil swore to avenge their fallen general and mobilized to take down Bangar and his rogue Dominion faction. Almorra's grandcub Ember Doomforge petitioned Imperator Malice Swordshadow to allow her to fight alongside the United Legions in the Drizzlewood Coast against the Dominion as she wanted to kill Bangar for what he had done to Almorra. Ember infiltrated the Dominion by pretending to defect from the Ash Legion all the while providing Malice with inside information about the Dominion's plans, allowing the Pact Commander, the United Legions, the Pact and their Seraph allies to get past Bangar's defenses and defeat and imprison the rogue Blood Imperator in the Frost Citadel.[30]


Crystal Desert
Heart of Maguuma
Shiverpeak Mountains

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]

Living World Season 3[edit]

Living World Season 4[edit]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Destroy the Death-Branded Shatterer (80)

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Sever Artery Sever Artery - Chain. Bleed your foe with a slash.
  • Shield of Judgment Shield of Judgment - Create a shielding wave in front of you that damages foes while giving protection and aegis to you and up to five allies.
  • Uppercut Uppercut - Physical. Finish the chain with a pulverizing uppercut. (During Under Siege)

In Darkrime Delves[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Sword Arc.png Sword Arc
  • Vigil Blaze - Performs three dashes forward creating walls of blue flame behind her that deal damage.
    • Redirect Arrow.png Vigil Roar - Teleports to target, dealing damage and immobilizing in a cone.
  • Vigil's Inferno - Applies Shelter.png Vigil Inferno and launches aoe fireballs that leave small fire patches.
  • Almorra's Massacre - Creates a shield around herself that Knockback.png knocks back enemies approaching her and launches a flurry of AoE fireballs across the arena.
Stolen skills


For previous dialogue, see here.

At Vigil HQ[edit]

If not a member of the Vigil
Whatever your business here, make it quick and efficient. We're at war, and my soldiers don't have time to entertain tourists.
Talk end option tango.png Aye, aye, captain.
If a member of the Vigil
(in an early state)
As you were, soldier. Keep up the good work.
Talk end option tango.png I will, General.
(after The Battle of Claw Island)
At ease, warmaster. Tell me your operations are going well. I need some good news. I've been making plans to take back Claw Island.
Talk end option tango.png I'm ready when you are, General.
(after Retribution)
At ease, Warmaster. We're close to finishing this dragon, and I expect you on your toes. We're counting on you.
Talk end option tango.png For the Vigil.

At Almorra's Stand[edit]

Ears up, claws out!
Talk more option tango.png Ready to fight the Shatterer?
I was born for this.
Talk end option tango.png We'll take him down together.
Talk end option tango.png Always, General.


At Dragonfall
Damn the odds. I want revenge. I want that dragon crushed to sand.
We're so close I can taste it.

Related achievements[edit]


Crusader Arevir Soulhammer states that "Almorra Soulkeeper was a tribune in the Blood Legion." However on page 97 in Ghosts of Ascalon, Almorra states "I served as a legionnaire in the Blood Legion at the time." Following up with her superiors'—a Centurion—duty.


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    Bangar Ruinbringer: At least my eyes are open. The war with the humans nearly killed us off. Funny how you all forget that.
    Almorra Soulkeeper: You forget what you did to our son. Poisoned his will with your bottomless hate. How many more will die like Ajax?
    Bangar Ruinbringer: Don't you DARE say his name! He sacrificed himself for the charr while you were off gallivanting with anyone but. [...]
    Bangar Ruinbringer: You were my fire, my blood.
    Almorra Soulkeeper: I was nothing to you. The only one you care about is Bangar Ruinbringer.
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    "I have her eyes," said Ember, smiling weakly. "Though my mother was Ash Legion. Don't tell me that that is not obvious even to a human?"
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    <Character name>: What do you mean?
    Laranthir of the Wild: When General Soulkeeper lost her warband to the crystal dragon, I was the one who convinced her to turn her quest for vengeance into a worldwide campaign against all the Elder Dragons.
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    "To who?" asked Riona.
    Ember shifted uncomfortably. "To Soulkeeper, of course, and—and to the Ash Legion as well."
    "So you've been spying on the Vigil for the Ash Legion?" Dougal asked.
    Ember paused for a moment, then nodded. "General Soulkeeper knew this from the moment I reported to her. She is no fool."
    "And she let you go on with your charade despite this?" Riona's tone betrayed her disbelief.
    Ember nodded. "She got what she wanted: an effective soldier ready to do her bidding. And she gave Imperator Swordshadow what she wanted: a direct report on the Vigil's activities from someone she could trust. Their interests do not conflict. No harm is done." [...]
    There was a long moment of silence then. Dougal broke it. "Swordshadow is part of the truce faction. That's it, isn't it? That's why there is no conflict."
    "I could not say," said Ember. "We did not discuss the matter."
    "Because if it were known that Swordshadow supported it, there would be direct opposition from the other legions," continued Dougal.
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    Logan Thackeray: I didn' first I didn't think it was for me, but my injuries and today...
    Logan Thackeray: Well, my eyes were opened role here.
    Logan Thackeray: Her Majesty has always been the kind of person to do things her own way. It's time I started doing the same.
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    <Character name>: Taimi, he's vulnerable! Tell Almorra to move all armies in for the kill!
    Taimi: Go, go, go! [...]
    Taimi: Commander! He... I mean, his's dead. But...there's a source of power still inside him.
    Taimi: Doing more damage out here doesn't affect it.
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    <Character name>: You're saying...we need to go in.
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    General Almorra Soulkeeper: Gladium. I was a gladium before I was a general. Suddenly you can overlook that detail? [...]
    <Character name>: You don't want to celebrate?
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: I'm just passing through. Kralkatorrik's finished, but there are three more Elder Dragons unaccounted for.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: Don't worry. We won't do anything. Yet.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: The Vigil has an outpost in the Shiverpeaks monitoring the Jormag situation.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: I'm headed there now to deliver the good news in person. I'll let you know if anything changes.
    <Character name>: Thank you, Almorra.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: You're welcome. Now, keep the minister occupied so I can slip out the back...
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    <Character name>: It can be hard to see bad intentions in the people closest to us.
    Rytlock Brimstone: Ain't that the truth. Look, we can't let this storm steal ground from us. The path will take Bangar past the Vigil encampment. I'll try to reach Almorra—see if she can slow them down.
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    General Almorra Soulkeeper: Listen to me. When we start moving again, I'll create a distraction. You run.
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: They took our comms, but if you make it back to the keep, call the Pact commander.
    Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Let me do it. You go. The Vigil needs you—
    General Almorra Soulkeeper: That's an order, Jhavi. [...]
    Olar: Nice trick you tried to pull back there. Raven would be proud.
    Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Where did you take her?
    Olar: Your general has killed her last dragon.
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    Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Is she hurt? Let me talk to her.
    <Character name>: She didn't make it. [...]
    <Character name>: There are slash marks. And it looks like she's been...gone for a while. Someone went to the trouble of burying her.
    Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: The Sons of Svanir wouldn't bother. Whoever it was...found her like that before you did.
    Crecia Stoneglow: Bangar...?
    Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: Everything she did... The battles she's been through... And she died alone. No warrior should die alone.
    Warmaster Jhavi Jorasdottir: I'll send someone to... bring her home. Where she belongs. Take the lens, and meet me at the keep.
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    Ember Doomforge: Tribune Doomforge. Bangar says when enough are converted, Jormag'll wake. Thought he was crazy. Then the ice moved. [...]
    <Character name>: Ember? Is that you?
    Ember Doomforge: Ember Doomforge. I was part of the group that went after the Claw of the Khan-Ur. Seems so long ago.
    Ember Doomforge: Commander, I wanted to thank you. Almorra was my granddam. Because of you, I know the truth. What happened to her.
    Ember Doomforge: Bangar killed Almorra. And now we're going to kill Bangar.
    <Character name>: Aren't you Vigil?
    Ember Doomforge: Now and always. And when my imperator told me about this op, I wanted in. Needed in.
    Ember Doomforge: After what Bangar did to Almorra, the Vigil's turning its focus from dragons to Blood Legion imperators.
    Ember Doomforge: Well. Just the one, really.
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