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Soul's Vendetta

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Soul's Vendetta


Ruins Soul's Vendetta.jpg

Soul's Vendetta in ruins within Jahai Bluffs

Soul's Vendetta is the name of General Almorra Soulkeeper's personal Pact airship. Almorra used this airship to meet the Pact Commander and Rytlock Brimstone at Rata Novus shortly after the memorial for Eir Stegalkin in 1329 AE. After hearing the Commander and Canach talking about going after Minister Caudecus and the White Mantle, she offered to take them to Bloodstone Fen in her airship.[1] Upon arriving, they witnessed the Maguuma Bloodstone exploding. While the airship was spared of the explosion when the blast suddenly reversed, the airship's engines and hull were heavily damaged, and its forward propulsion shorted out, marooning the crew in the skies above Bloodstone Fen.[2][3]

In 1331 AE, Almorra later took the Soul's Vendetta and other airships in pursuit of the Death-Branded Shatterer that the Elder Dragon Kralkatorrik had revived, chasing it south towards Elona. Over Jahai Bluffs, the Shatterer tore the airships down, forcing the Pact forces to the ground. After recuperating and building an impromptu base out of the wreckage of the ship as well as setting up a staging area, they lured the Shatterer with a Bloodstone Elemental Mauler among nearby canyons to destroy it.[4][5]