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A fahrar, also known as a crèche, is the charr equivalent of school. A year after birth, a charr cub is separated from its parents and sent to the fahrar of their High Legion. Cubs in a fahrar are taught to unify, encouraged to define their own social structure, and are thus forced into a warband. During this time a Primus is largely in charge of their education and upbringing. They are given a name to claim, from which the cubs within a single warband derive their surnames, such as Fierceshot or Doomclaw. During this time, the parents have no hand, or interest, in the education of the cub. Instead, the young charr's legion, and more immediately their warband, become their family.

Known fahrars[edit]


  • The training regime for young charr is similar to that of young boys in ancient Sparta.
  • A crèche is, among other things, a word for a day care center.

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