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A fahrar, also known as a crèche, is the charr equivalent of school. A year after birth, a charr cub is separated from its parents and sent to the fahrar of their High Legion. Cubs in a fahrar are taught to unify and encouraged to define their own social structure, thus forcing them into a warband. During this time a Primus is largely in charge of their education and upbringing. Fledgling warbands are given a name to claim, from which the cubs will derive one half of their surnames, such as Fierceshot or Doomclaw.[1]

Officially, parents take no particular interest in their cubs after handing them off to the fahrar: a charr's foremost loyalty is to their legion, and their only family is their warband.[1] In truth, however, charr are as inclined towards caring for their young as other races,[2][3] and many parents will secretly visit the fahrar or send gifts.[4][5]

Known fahrars[edit]


  • The training regime for young charr is similar to that of young boys in ancient Sparta.
  • A crèche is, among other things, a word for a day care center.

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