Vigil Headquarters

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Vigil Headquarters

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The Vigil Headquarters is an instance in Vigil Keep. This is the command center of the Vigil. It consists of three chambers - the main chamber is accessible by all characters and connected to it are two other chambers that can only be accessed by members of the Vigil - strategic planning room and the mess hall. In the main chamber are two requisitioners that sell armor and weapons with looks unique to the Order.



Main chamber
West wing (Planning room) (only accessible for Vigil members)
East wing (Mess hall) (only accessable for Vigil members)


Armorsmith (map icon).png Armor Requisitioner Camotli
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Weapon Requisitioner Arto

Ambient dialogue[edit]

West wing
Warmaster Efut: Your attention, please!
Lord Rodrigo of Cormoch: Take my advice: never attack a creature before you study it.
Warmaster Efut: My genius never fails.
Warmaster Efut: This should be sufficient.
Lord Rodrigo of Cormoch: It's vital we hold this position.
Warmaster Efut: Absolutely not.
Warmaster Efut: How interesting.




  • In the strategic planning room strategy is being discussed over the map of Queensdale. Enemy units are being represented by figures of Branded creatures.