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Pact Vanguard

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Pact Vanguard

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Pact Vanguard map.jpg
Map of Pact Vanguard

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Pact Vanguard.jpg

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Pact Vanguard is an area in the southwest of the Jahai Bluffs where the Pact have setup a temporary camp in the shell of their crashed airship.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Complete heart (map icon).png Prepare the Pact camp for battle (80)
Waypoint (map icon).png Soul's Vendetta Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Vanguard Ordinance
Point of interest (map icon).png Vanguard Salvage Yard
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Soul's Vendetta






Ambient creatures

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Vigil Tactician: They're like dandelions, popping up everywhere! Soon as you kill one, there's another!
Vigil Marksman: I'm glad my family's far away. But the poor villages we passed...
Vigil Tactician: We were spoiling for a fight, and the Shatterer STILL took down our ship. Those folks, they're six kinds of helpless.
Vigil Marksman: That's why we're here.
Vigil Recruit: One moment, solid crystal. The next moment, a raging dragon! Teeth as big as swords! Thought I was a goner.
Priory Explorer: You must be new. Aurene's a total teddy bear. When she's not upset, I mean.
Vigil Recruit: You're kidding me. Did I mention the teeth?
Priory Explorer: She's been flying all over Elona. Fighting off Branded. Keeping us safe. You don't believe me, ask anyone.
Vigil Tactician: Got a letter from Brynn.
Priory Scholar: She's, what, seven now?
Vigil Tactician: Nine, if you can believe it. She's growing up, and I'm not there.
Priory Scholar: You're here to help save the world. So she can grow up. Remember that.
Vigil Tactician: So when's the wedding?
Priory Scholar: Well, we had it planned for next week. But he's all the way in Lion's Arch, and I'm out here, and the Shatterer...
Vigil Tactician: Then we'll have to end this quick. Forget the Shatterer—if you have to reschedule, imagine the double catering bills!
Priory Scholar: (shudder)
Vigil Marksman: Impressive.
DERV Engineer: They are, aren't they? When we first recovered these from Rata Primus, we had no idea what to do with them!
DERV Engineer: Then a cross-disciplinary team hacked the Inquest tech. Now they're resistant to the Brand!
DERV Engineer: Once we got the suits to stop attacking us, the College of Dynamics upgraded their weapons suite.
DERV Engineer: If we maintain this level of collegiality, think of the papers! The academic productivity!
Vigil Marksman: Uh, I guess. They shoot things, right?
DERV Engineer: (sigh)
Vigil Marksman: These DERVs ready to go?
DERV Engineer: Not yet. Need a little more assembly.
Vigil Crusader: Thought Marshal Thackeray would be here.
Whispers Creator: The general said he wasn't ready to return. But that's all right. She's got the battle well in paw.
Whispers Creator: Can't believe I missed the Festival of the Four Winds. Again.
Vigil Crusader: Mmm. The snacks, the pretty ships, the snacks, the mixed drinks, the snacks, the sideshows, and... the snacks...
Vigil Crusader: But we had, and have, a job to do.
Whispers Agent (1): Heard some golem's gonna dangle the Shatterer bait.
Whispers Agent (2): Does the Shatterer even notice golems?
Whispers Agent (1): No, but Bloodstone's like catnip to it. And somebody's gotta sprinkle the catnip.
Whispers Agent (2): So pick the most replaceable—I mean armored—unit. Makes sense.
Whispers Agent (1): How's General Soulkeeper?
Whispers Agent (2): Far as I can tell, she's in fine form. Beating the troops into passable shape. Chewing out new recruits and old recruits.
Whispers Agent (1): It's like she was born for this.
Whispers Agent (2): Interesting. I'd expect this to be difficult for her. Given what happened with... you know.
Whispers Agent (1): That's it though. This is her chance. She's here to take a bite out of the Shatterer.
Whispers Agent (2): And after the Shatterer...
Whispers Agent (1): She'll skin Kralkatorrik. And roll his hide into a chew toy for cubs. Don’t mess with the Vigil, that's all I'll say.
Priory Scholar (1): I heard we pinched these golem suits from Rata Primus.
Priory Scholar (2): I heard they couldn't make heads or tails of them until the College of Dynamics stepped in.
Priory Scholar (1): College of Dynamics, huh? Maybe we shouldn't stand so close to them.
Priory Scholar (2): If they were going to explode, they would have by now.
Priory Scholar (1): So how do those anti-Brand synergies work?
Priory Scholar (2): You'll have to ask an asura for the technical answer. The short version is these DERVs run on Brand crystals.
Priory Scholar (1): You mean we modified them to resist the brand?
Priory Scholar (2): Precisely. And there were only two casualties. Shatterer's getting a nasty surprise.
Priory Researcher: The worst bit about this dragon business? Never know when I'm going to eat.
Vigil Marksman: Think there might be food in that garrison?
Priory Researcher: If so, it'll be rotten as week-old fish. Supply lines better clear up soon.
Vigil Marksman: Sir? When it comes to dragons... Aren't our fortifications on the level of... well, a pillow fort?
Veteran Vigil Crusader: That's why the battle won't be here. We'll bait the Shatterer into the cliffs. Then it's ours.
Warmaster Steelburn: Could use some help with salvage and repair.
Vigil Marksman: Shame about the airships.
Veteran Vigil Crusader: Least they got us here.
Vigil Marksman: But how do we get home after the fight?
Veteran Vigil Crusader: That's, uh... Let's focus on one thing at a time, soldier.
Before Eshid's escort event
Vigil Sergeant Eshid: You researchers got any intel that might help the Pact hold on to this camp?
Priory Historian Sivvi: You said we're not going into the garrison. Well, I can't give you information without primary sources.
Vigil Sergeant Eshid: I told you, we don't have the firepower.
Vigil Sergeant Eshid: You want us to go raid the garrison? Find me some trigger-happy hero. Frankly, we could use the supplies.
Priory Historian Sivvi: Do I look like I have extra heroes up my sleeve? Because I don't. That's where I keep my notes.
Priory Historian Sivvi: Or I would, if I had written any notes. But that would have required me to have historical relics to study. See above.
Before completing Legacy
Lord Faren: You needed a hero. That much was clear. So here I am. Use me heroically!
Warmaster Steelburn: Then lug this debris to the gate. Heroically.
Lord Faren: That is work unbefitting the Master of Swords.
Warmaster Steelburn: Then you can keep standing there. No fur off my nose.
Lord Faren: Yes! I shall raise the morale of the troops by cutting a dashing figure! Behold!
Lord Faren: Listen up! We're going to trounce the Shatterer! With fisticuffs! With firepower! Until it cries for mercy!
Lord Faren: But we'll laugh in its face! Like this: ha ha! Then we'll decorate this camp with its head!
Warmaster Steelburn: Brave words for a wounded man.
Lord Faren: It's the duty, nay, the obligation of heroes to encourage the troops.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Mistonium.png Mistonium
Plant resource (map icon).png Cluster of Desert Herbs
Plant resource (map icon).png Desert Vegetables
Plant resource (map icon).png Lentils