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Ballad of Soulkeeper

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"Ballad of Soulkeeper" is a song by the Metal Legion. It is dedicated to General Almorra Soulkeeper[1] and tells the story of her early years as legionnaire of the Soul Warband, their deaths from Kralkatorrik's Brand (Almorra's Massacre), the founding of the Vigil, and finally the defeat of Kralkatorrik. The song can be heard during A Concert for the Ages in Grothmar Valley.


The following is an unofficial, player-written transcription. Its accuracy has not been verified by ArenaNet.

This is a tale of a soldier
This is an epic of the Soulkeeper
Battle-sisters and brothers
In the fahrar they found one another
Trained side by side
Chose their weapons
Kept in stride
Breath shared, scars known
The warband named Soul
Went into the world
Together and whole
Warband held ready at the ranks
Soulkeeper led, Soulslasher flanked
Routine mission, Lowland Burns
Soul's fate darker turned
Kralkatorrik happened so quick
Screams of pain, the faces change
All corrupted save one
A nightmare, just begun
Soul forever altered
Love turned to slaughter
They struck each other down
Brand soaked the ground
Mindless beasts drenched in horror
A warband remained
Came for Almorra with one final thrust
The General did what she must
Freed the last of her warband
From the Crystal Dragon's Brand
No sisters at her side
No brothers at her back
A general, alone
Soulkeeper with no Soul
Rising from her knees
Her kin's blood on the breeze
She came out of her daze
With loss turned to rage
Fangs out, blade sharp
Vengeance beat her heart
Oaths and victories taken
Soulkeeper's Vigil
Remains unshaken
The Vigil, she keeps
The Vigil, she spreads
Calling all arms to her
To get the dragon dead
Face the beast
Once more (Soulkeeper)
Light the blaze
Of war (Justice Seeker)
Keeper of souls (Soulkeeper)
Dragon's bell tolls (Dragonreaper)
Keeper of souls (Soulkeeper)
Dragon's bell tolls
Born to lead (Soulkeeper)
Born to mourn (Justice Seeker)
Born to avenge (Dragonreaper)
Dragon Reaper
Soulkeeper (Soulkeeper)
Soulkeeper (Soulkeeper)
Soulkeeper (Soulkeeper)
Dragon Reaper


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