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Raven Lens

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the skill. For the object encountered in the story episode Silence, see Ancient Scepter (Silence).

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Raven Lens

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Raven Lens

By focusing the Raven Lens, you can gain insight into the norn's past.

— In-game description

Following the events of Silence, the Commander will be in possession of Jhavi Jorasdottir's Raven Lens, which takes the form of a special action skill that becomes available in certain locations where norn have left their spirit essence behind, allowing you to view visions of their past.


Shiverpeak Mountains


  • In-universe, it is implied that the Raven Lens is responsible for allowing you to interact with the raven shrines dotted around Bjora Marches. In actuality, progressing the Raven Attunement mastery track is what enables this ability.