Burnt Hollow

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Burnt Hollow

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Burnt Hollow map.jpg
Map of Burnt Hollow

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Fireheart Rise
Connects to
Forge Plains (E)
Switchback Canyons (N)
Havoc Steppes (SW)

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Burnt Hollow is an area within Fireheart Rise. This natural cave is home to the Legion forces and many of their allies. The entrance to this cavern is located just north of Havok Waypoint in Havoc Steppes.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Hero Challenges
Hero point.png Tribune Sorya Fatekiller (65)





Scout (map icon).png Bellator the Quiet (65)
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Celebra Forgekeeper (63)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Melodus Goldsnatcher (63)
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Quaestor Marddock (63)
Armorsmith (map icon).png Quaestor Rohara (63)

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Recruit Po: So, what did you do? I mean, before. Before what you do now, that is.
Yhrinnage: I was a plant-statue sculptor. My interactions still live. They breathe, grow and change, even as I turn my talents to protection and combat.
Recruit Po: Wow. That's fascinating. I want to know more.
Recruit Po: Tell me something interesting about the Grove.
Yhrinnage: The Pale Tree is still a mystery to us. We love it much like you'd love a mother, as it brought us into the world.
Yhrinnage: Back in the Grove, the Firstborn guided us past the sudden strangeness of birth. We'd sit with the plants in storytelling sessions, then wander the vine corridors, learning, always learning.
Recruit Po: It sounds so different from anything I know.
Yhrinnage: I got restless once I learned to grow berries faster than anyone.
Keldane: I understand. No more competition left; no more challenge; nothing left to learn.
Yhrinnage: But it did prepare me for greater things, and sometimes I miss it. I miss the peaceful plants, new shots rustling from the sail, the smell of pollen bursting on an evening breeze.
Recruit Idiers: I wonder if any of us will ever know more than the Firstborn.
Yhrinnage: Probably not.
Illund: If the Nightmare Court truly understood the pain they cause, they would realize that they are evil.
Illund: With such understanding, surely they would turn away from Nightmare and back to the Dream.
Yhrinnage: Ridiculous. They relish the suffering. They've known all along what they were doing, and they delight in it.
Recruit Po: I was wondering about your dream. Does it give you exact directions?
Recruit Idiers: Not as such. Generalities mostly. Enough to bring me to the Vigil.
Recruit Po: I see, I see. Did it show you anything else? Gold, buried chests, a map with a big X, anything like that?
Recruit Idiers: No. Not that I remember.
Recruit Po: Okay, listen up. Some people here would rob you and toss you aside like a dead rat.
Recruit Po: So if you remember anything, anything at all about gold, come to me. I'll make sure nothing happens to you.
Gudda: I don’t get the Priory. All that work to entomb knowledge in lifeless scrolls and barren stone.
Folka Swift: Written words tell a story. When I was a scribe, I used large letters and I wrote in epic strokes.
Gudda: The blood of history pumps through us when we tell stories in the open where everyone can hear.
Gudda: Besides, who remembers a musty scroll collection? But a master storyteller. Now, that’s something!
Drengi: The spirits of the Wild quicken my breath, heat my blood, and embolden my heart.
Gudda: It's like you looked into my own head and ripped the words right out of it.
Tactical Commander Bjoern: I'll fight better than Asgeir himself!
Haur: If you don't, you'll have the story of a near-victory to pass through the ages.
Tactical Commander Bjoern: What!
Haur: Don't get mad at me. I'm just stating fact.
Tactical Officer Bjoern: Snow leopard gives me speed, and strength, and power.
Gudda: I'll drink to that.
Drengi: When I tell a story, the ground itself shivers when my words pound the frozen air.
Gudda: My voice is a thunder that rattles the Spirit Halls and shakes the bowels.
Tactical Officer Bjoern: Amateurs. My words have such force that even the stars notice. They shine with fury and passion and anger!
Gudda: Raven's beak! I've had enough waiting. I say it's time for an ale drinking contest.
Tactical Officer Bjoern: I'll drink to that!
Drengi: By the bear!
Gudda: I'm proud of your tactics. When I meet the Dragon, it'll be headfirst, face to face. I owe it to myself to humiliate the beast with a fair fight.
Tactical Officer Bjoern: Exactly! You get it.
Gudda: I do. I also think you're unrealistic with the whole alliance thing. They don't fight like us. They won't listen unless you consider their weaknesses.
Tactical Officer Bjoern: I know they're weak. I just show them what I'd do. They'll never be like me, but I can get them all fired up and full of bloodlust.
Tactical Officer Bjoern: From one norn to another, Knut should be here. I'd welcome his strong arm and wild battle cries any day.
Drengi: Don't know him.
Tactical Officer Bjoern: Oh, not from Hoelbrak then?
Drengi: No. My family had a lodge north of there, until the dragon came.
Plirr: Are you here to exterminate evil, too?
Manikk: Of course. Without people like us, the world would be lost.
Crusader Mordd: Our tactical officer is an inspiration, but lacks regard for personal safety.
Crusader Shtoink: Perhaps we could design him an armor suit or protective golem.
Crusader Mordd: That would only make him charge farther into battle. Instead, we could just make sure his replacement is fully trained.
Crusader Shtoink: Once they promote me, I'll implement my forced removal plan.
Plirr: Oh, that sounds delightful. When you need help, I'm in.
Plirr: Gaheron Baelfire needs to spend a day in the crow cage. That would sharpen his thinking, I imagine.
Commander Trinmaw Skullbash: Wouldn't he just break out?
Plirr: Figuratively speaking, I mean. He should experience something like the crow cage.
Commander Trinmaw Skullbash: I see. I'll remember that when his face is just another smear on the ground.
Medic Yuurrk Skullstab: I've seen so much that nothing makes me queasy.
Crusader Mordd: That sounds like me.
Crusader Shtoink: Yeah, I'm the same way. I taught myself immunity to gore.
Medic Yurrk Skullstab: Surgery is as much skill as luck.
Crusader Mordd: I think I'll disagree with that.
Plirr: Ah, Rata Sum! If it wasn't for the Priory work, I'd be there now, meditating upon the Eternal Alchemy in the aroma of my very own genetically engineered flowers.
Crusader Mordd: I miss the flowers at home. I made this one strain that always amazes me. You know what it does?
Plirr: Please, tell me, what?
Crusader Mordd: The flowers smell like gently frying bacon! Can you imagine anything more delightful?
Plirr: When the war is done, invite me over, so I can enjoy these phenomenal flowers.
Medic Yuurrk Skullstab: When I was first starting out as a medic, I remember stitching up our old drill sergeant.
Commander Trinmaw Skullbash: And he died.
Medic Yuurrk Skullstab: Well, yeah, but...he was about dead anyway. Those are the best kind to practice on.
Commander Trinmaw Skullbash: And you stitched me up right after he died.
Medic Yuurrk Skullstab: After I'd done the drill sergeant. See, I learned from my mistake with him. You were completely safe.
Ash Legion Agent: I envy you sometimes. How many Flame have you dispatched?
Ash Legionnaire: I don't count. It's enough they no longer draw breath.
Ash Legion Agent (1): Why do we let other races interfere in charr matters. It makes us look weak.
Ash Legion Agent (2): And there are humans in those groups. Humans!
Tribune Cantia Fatestealer: I will use any resource I can to defeat the Flame.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): One thing I'll give Blood over Iron: they're willing to look their enemies in the face.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Hah! I'd rather look my enemy straight in the back.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): When is the Blood Legion joining the fight?
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Once we open the gates to the Flame Temple, they'll march in and claim victory.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): Typical.
Ash Legion Agent: The grawl are useless. Even if they join the fight, it will make no difference.
Ash Legion Soldier: They'll make good fodder. Someone has to test the Flame defenses.
Ash Legion Soldier: Isn't that what the Blood Legion is for?
Ash Legion Agent: Get me inside the Flame Citadel for one night and we can all go home.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): Have you seen the Iron Legion camp? Cushy. Mobile walls, tents, hot food.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): They sit safe behind their metal walls, while we risk our lives behind enemy lines.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): This war will be won by the Ash, in the mud and the tar, and the blood of the Flame.