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A Concert for the Ages

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A Concert for the Ages

The Crag
(Grothmar Valley)
Event type
Meta event
Part of
A Concert for the Ages
Total events

A Concert for the Ages is a level 80 meta event that occurs in The Crag in Grothmar Valley at 20:00 Tyrian Time (dusk) and rewards an Iron Legion Key. Help ensure Metal Legion's show goes smoothly, and don't forget to enjoy yourself!



Shortly before the beginning of the concert, players are asked to keep the crowd focused on the show. This can be achieved by completing the various mini events (see below) that spawn rapidly and randomly during each of the three songs. It is also advised to defeat any Crazed Fans that appear, since they will try to down the individual band members, removing their line from the audio. The band members can be healed to prevent them from getting downed. The "boss" of the event is Pyrotorrick, who appears on stage near the end of the final song.

Mini Events[edit]

Name Description
Break up the fight! Defeat the charr that have the same icon as the one next to the event above them.
Catch the leaping charr! Stand in the largest blue AoE circle with the same icon above it as the one next to the event.
Charge the amp! Pick up one of the Amp Power Cores from the ground at a time and carry it to the amp.
Charge the amps! Same as 'Charge the amp!' but with multiple amps where the cores can be deposited at the same time.
Cheer! Use the "/cheer" emote.
Cover for injured dancers! Stand in one of the blue event circles on the stage and mimic the moves of the three charr in front of them using the utility skills - Bee's Knees, Bouncer, Shuffle, Rock Out and Side Step - available while in the circle. Performing emotes does not count towards progress.
Defeat the powerful spark! Defeat the Elite Spark.
Hit the firework targets! Grab a weapon from one of the mortars on the stage and fire at the red target circles above the crowd with them.
Jump in the mosh pit! Stand in the blue event circle and jump.
Jump in the mosh pits! Same as 'Jump in the mosh pit!' but with multiple circles to jump in at the same time.
Kill the sparks! Defeat the group of Sparks that have spawned.
Pump up the crowd! Use the Hands in the Air special action skill.
Repair the faulty wires! Interact with the sparking parts of the wires on the ground with the repair icon above them.
Run the perimeter! Go through the blue checkpoint spheres in order.
Salute! Use the "/salute" emote.
Stop the amp from blowing! Break the defiance bar of the amp.

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


As the band approaches the stage
Cidd: No security. No other technicians. This is going to be a wild show.
Varus Chainrazor: You'll be fine! Whatever you can't handle, just give it to the volunteers!
Cidd: Uh, okay. Volunteers, listen up! There's a three-song set list, and it's our job to keep the crowd focused on the music.
Cidd: So keep an eye out for troublemakers, hype up the crowd, and make sure the show goes on, no matter what!
Before the first song (Fear the Metal Legion)
Varus Chainrazor: I hear we've got charr from all four legions out there! Report in! Ash!
(Ash cheer)
Varus Chainrazor: Iron!
(Iron cheer)
Varus Chainrazor: Flame!
(Flame cheer)
Varus Chainrazor: Blood!
(Blood cheer)
Varus Chainrazor: We are Metal Legion! And we're here to put the "band" back in "warband"!
Before the second song (Bound by Blood)
(Audience Hype below 100%)
Blood Legion Soldier: You're no legion! You're just a bunch of good-for-nothing gladia!
Varus Chainrazor: I, uh… Well, hey, if you want to hear more about the legions, just you wait!
(Audience Hype over 100%)
Blood Legion Soldier: Well burn me, this band's pretty damn good!
Varus Chainrazor: Oh, you ain't heard nothin' yet! We're just getting started!
Varus Chainrazor: We wouldn't be here today without Bangar Ruinbringer's support. So this next one? This is for the Blood imperator!
Varus Chainrazor: From the fahrar to the battlefield, we are all bound by legion. By history. By greatness. But most of all...
Varus Chainrazor: We are bound by blood!
Before the third song (Ballad of Soulkeeper)
(Audience Hype below 100%)
Blood Legion Solider: If I wanted to hear garbage, I'd stick my head in a sewer grate!
Blood Legion Solider: Get off the stage! Boo! BOO!
(Audience Hype below 200%[verification requested])
Blood Legion Soldier: Yeah! Yeah! Blood Legion's the best legion!
(Audience Hype over 200%[verification requested])
Blood Legion Soldier: Blood Legion forever! Bound by blood!
Blood Legion Soldier: Bound by blood! One charr! One charr!
Varus Chainrazor: We've got one more lined up for you! A grand debut! Some might even call it a—a "Brand" debut!
Varus Chainrazor: Why are we here? Because the Crystal Dragon is dead!
Varus Chainrazor: And who was the charr that led the final attack? Fellow legions, prepare yourselves...for the Ballad of Soulkeeper!
When Pyrotorrick spawns
Cidd: Uh-oh. Not good. It's out of control! Ahhh, quick! Destroy it! It's, uh, all part of the show!
End of the concert
Varus Chainrazor: Thank you, legions! You were a great crowd!
Blood Legion Soldier: Woo! Yeah! Encore!
Blood Legion Soldier: Metal Legion! Metal Legion! Metal Legion!
Varus Chainrazor: Thanks to Ruinbringer for bringing us out! Be proud—charr forever!
Varinia Stormsounder: That was pretty good! Could've mentioned Bangar a few more times, though.
Varus Chainrazor: Yeah, find us some words that rhyme with "Bangar," and we'll take it under advisement.
Upon failure
Varus Chainrazor: This is a disaster! I can't work under these conditions. I'm done. I'm out.
Cidd: You can't just leave! Wh...where are you going? Get back here!
Varinia Stormsounder: That was awful! You do what you're told! Our agreement was for three full songs!
Varus Chainrazor: Hey, we're happy to play, just make sure we're still alive by the end of the set.

Related achievements[edit]

Location for the Heads up! achievement.


  • For metal bands that have had an influence on this event either by theme, style, or lyrics/titles refer to Guild Chat - Episode 92.
  • "Stealing the Limelight" could be a reference to Rush
  • "Master of Ceremonies" could be a reference to Metallica. However, it could simply be in reference to the role of master of ceremonies, often abbreviated to MC, the person who plays host at staged events, concerts and similar performances. At concerts, they are known for hyping up the crowd before the band arrives, and for providing commentary and audience engagement in between tracks.
  • Several ArenaNet devs provided the background vocals during the concert.