Bloodcoast Ward

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the modern area. For the original version, see Bloodcoast Ward (Memory of Old Lion's Arch).

Bloodcoast Ward

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Map of Bloodcoast Ward

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Bloodcoast Ward is an area in the south of Lion's Arch, facing its namesake, Bloodtide Coast, to the south.


Waypoint (map icon).png Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint —
Vista (map icon).png Bloodcoast Ward Vista —
Warp to Bloodcoast Ward Waypoint, then take the northeastern stone hill to the building. Climb the stairs in building.



Ambient creatures


Karma Merchant (map icon).png First Mate Shane

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Jordyn: I'm glad we got adopted. I like Brokka and Tokk.
Leyah: They're nice and they've got good food.
Lionguard: Where are you going now?
Suriel the Blazing Light: Training!
Lionguard Recruit (1): I can't believe how beautiful it is here now. It's so different.
Lionguard Recruit (2): Just goes to show...we're resilient.
Lionguard Recruit (1): Life goes on, I guess. That's what they say.
Lionguard Recruit (2): Yup. That's what they say.
Lionguard Recruit (1): Did you see the bump I gave that redhead?
Lionguard Recruit (2): Yeah, I thought we were going to have to take her to the infirmary.
Lionguard Recruit (1): That thing was bigger than her head. (laugh)
Lionguard Recruit (2): She was tough, though. Just stumbled around. Didn't even whimper.
Lionguard Recruit (1): She whimpered a little when she stumbled into the wall. (laugh)
Lionguard Recruit (1): You figured out where we're supposed to wash our undergarments?
Lionguard Recruit (2): Nope. Why? What are you implying?
Lionguard Recruit (1): Nothing. All I can smell is myself. I think we should figure that out soon.
Lionguard Recruit (2): I don't know. Could be a solid distraction tactic in practice. (chuckle)
Lionguard Recruit (1): If you loose a tooth, I want it, okay?
Lionguard Recruit: I'm healing. Not fast enough, but I am healing.
Lionguard Recruit: Hey your limp is better. Looks like your leg will heal.
Lionguard Recruit: I'm going to have a scar.
Lionguard Recruit: I heard we have another run tomorrow.
Lionguard Recruit: No rest for heroes.
Lionguard Recruit: We're gonna be so tough by the time we're done with training.
Lionguard Recruit: An old bruise isn't gonna stop me.
Lionguard Recruit: Phew! This training is the toughest thing I've ever done.
Lionguard Recruit: My mother sent me a care package from Shaemoor. I think she misses me.
Lionguard Recruit: The world is falling apart. This city will be the safest place around soon.
Lionguard Recruit: Phew. I might just go down to the water and go for a swim.
Lionguard Recruit: I hope they teach us more magic. I've always had an affinity for fire.
Lionguard Recruit: I have a hankerin' to go down to the water and take a swim.
Lionguard Recruit: I grew up here in Lion's Arch.
Lionguard Recruit: I love this city.
Lionguard Recruit: You'll have to come with me next time I go visit my family.
Lionguard Hela: How's business?:
Itheann: If this keeps up, I'll have to return to the Grove.
Lionguard Hela: That bad?
Itheann: Lion's Arch isn't quick to forget. People don't like buying goods from sylvari these days.
Engineer Polia Steamburst: How does the water look?
Looska: I'm reading trace amounts of toxin.
Engineer Polia Steamburst: Anything to be concerned about?
Looska: No. We're within acceptable limits. But I wouldn't suggest eating the fish.



  • An arena with red arches, formerly known as Tenanera's Pit, is located below the vista. This is a nod to the ArenaNet logo.