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List of lore discrepancies.
Please note that ArenaNet has announced that several corrections will be made in a future patch - though a date has yet not been confirmed. See the discussion page for further details.

Date added Page Description
30 December 2019 (03:12) Owl (Spirit of the Wild) According to Owl Shaman Ulgadis, the battle would have been fought above the Owl Lodge in Snowden Drifts, but Skaald Stjarna seems to contradict her tale and suggest the actual site of the battle was farther north.
06 December 2019 (18:12) Captain Gullivre Gullivre says that Jormag awoke beneath Drakkar Lake, however the creature has been confirmed to be Drakkar, a dragon champion of Jormag.
06 December 2019 (18:12) Thyrie Bylund Thyrie Bylund says that Jormag awoke beneath Drakkar Lake, however the creature has been confirmed to be Drakkar, a dragon champion of Jormag.
27 August 2019 (18:08) The Tribune's Call Dialogue with the sparring partner will call Howl a lieutenant, while the cinematic dialogue with Tribune Torga calls him a legionnaire.
16 April 2019 (18:04) Livia Although Livia's birth year is implied by a Shining Blade document to be 1064 AE, this would make her improbably young during the events of Guild Wars. This suggests that Livia was born significantly earlier than the document implies, intentionally or otherwise.
25 July 2018 (01:07) Morning
23 June 2018 (20:06) Vlast The Book of Vlast by Josso Essher states that "When the Branded came, [Vlast] was the first to throw himself into the fray. [...] The people of Elona told tales for generations, both of hope and of fear toward their 'protector.'" The suggestion that Branded had existed in the desert for multiple generations (with the average period of a generation being about twenty-thirty years), instead of only about a decade, conflicts with most of the known lore, including Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire—Road to the Desert which states that "1320 AE: An Elder Dragon Moves In. Kralkatorrik, the Crystal Elder Dragon, wakes from its slumber and heads directly for the desert region, leaving a corrupted swath of Branded landscape and creatures in its wake." while the Path of Fire story takes place in 1330 AE as per the story journal.
22 June 2018 (06:06) Commander Joziah Though he claims to have guided the Chosen to the Temple of Ascension, this was actually General Mendoza's role. Joziah's role was to guide them to Elona Reach.
28 May 2018 (04:05) Mursaat Lore Tablet The Mursaat Lore Tablets state that ten thousand years ago, the mursaat and the Forgotten assaulted the awakening Zhaitan with an army of Jade Constructs and Enchanted Armors, and that the Forgotten withdrew to the Crystal Desert as a consequence of their failure. However, the timeline in the Guild Wars Manuscripts says that "Serpents [left] the world of men" in 174 AE, which is several millennia later.
25 May 2018 (19:05) Canthan Scholar Although the Canthan Scholar says trade ceased around 200 years ago (roughly 1125 AE), Sea of Sorrows depicts Cobiah Marriner trading with and exploring Kaineng City around 1219 AE, shortly before Zhaitan's rise.
27 October 2017 (18:10) Giant Gray giants were redesigned between Guild Wars Nightfall and Guild Wars 2, removing their tusks and one of their eyes. This is evidenced by (among other things) the differing appearance of Uhiwi the Smoky between the two games. The existence of the Ancient Tusk, however, suggests that canonically gray giants are supposed to have tusks.
13 October 2017 (02:10) Forgotten The Guild Wars Manuscripts says that, "Serpents arrive in Tyria" in 1769 BE. However, Warden Illyra claims that "Forgotten worked with Glint, who hid the old races from the dragons' power" during The Ruined City of Arah. Given that Varra Skylark claims that the Mystic Telescope shows that the Elder Dragons were last awake around ten thousand years ago (which is further corroborated by the Mursaat Lore Tablets, among other sources), it's not clear how both of these things can be true.
13 October 2017 (01:10) Bad Blood Sieran states that, "The dwarven civilization lasted for more than two thousand years", but the dwarves were present for the last rise of the Elder Dragons, which in the Ruined City of Arah's jotun path, is established by the Mystic Telescope to be around 10,000 years ago (to coincide with the extinction of the Great Giants), as well as for the events of Guild Wars Prophecies, which was around 250 years ago. Additionally The Natural War by Airkas states that, "Jotun and dwarves were the inventors of modern weaponry. Rocks, metals, and trees of the Shiverpeaks became battle equipment in 10,000 BE".
17 July 2017 (18:07) "Scarlet Briar: a Brief" "Scarlet Briar: a Brief" refers to Scarlet Briar as being born in the "Cycle of Day". However, this does not match any of the four Sylvari cycles; being Dawn, Noon, Dusk and Night.
08 March 2017 (07:03) Discourse on a Tome (1075 A.E.) This book claims to document a Durmand Priory conference in 1075 AE, but the Timeline states that the Durmand Priory wasn't established until 1105 AE.
23 September 2016 (23:09) Old Foes, Old Ghosts During Igneous Breach Rhoban states that the dwarves have been recently maintaining the machines, however the fourth machine encountered during Old Foes, Old Ghosts is sealed behind a door that only mursaat and those disguised as them are allowed to pass through.
23 June 2016 (21:06) Brokka In her historical dialogue, Brokka stated that she was marrying Captain Tokk, and that he owned a farm on the outskirts of Lion's Arch. However, this farm belongs to Tokk, a different male asura.
05 April 2016 (01:04) Howl the Brazen In early mission discussions with NPCs, it is said that Howl's body was never found in the rubble when the crypt collapsed in Fury of the Dead. But in Graveyard Ornaments, the player goes to his grave and find the body missing, the player character saying he saw the body.
11 November 2015 (11:11) Exalted Sage One of the Exalted Sage's dialogues state that "Once [Glint] was gone, [the Forgotten] gathered her most loyal human allies and tested them to see which could be Exalted." However, Glint died in 1320 AE per Edge of Destiny, and the Exalted have been in hibernation for over a century per The Exalted: Pure Dedication and other dialogue.
05 October 2015 (20:10) In Consideration of Sacrifice According to In Consideration of Sacrifice, the White Mantle had the Scepter of Orr when Evennia was a recruit in the Shining Blade. However, in Guild Wars Prophecies, Evennia was the leader of the Shining Blade when the White Mantle obtained the Scepter of Orr.
21 September 2015 (08:09) General Almorra Soulkeeper Crusader Arevir Soulhammer states that "Almorra Soulkeeper was a tribune in the Blood Legion." However on page 97 in Ghosts of Ascalon, Almorra states "I served as a legionnaire in the Blood Legion at the time." Following up with her superiors'—a Centurion—duty.
23 June 2015 (14:06) They Went Thataway Lady Wi says that she cast Lyssa's Veil on Demmi when the latter left Divinity's Reach, and can't again because a day hasn't passed. However, per Stealing Secrets, Demmi had been in Applenook "a few days" prior. Furthermore, she says she can re-cast the illusion on you if it fails.
20 June 2015 (03:06) The Dead End: A Study in Scarlet The first hologram recording talks about events that happened before Scarlet found out of hologram recordings, such as shortly after her awakening (very first entry).
20 June 2015 (03:06) Prosperity's Mystery * Scarlet Briar claims to have sent steam creatures into Brisban Wildlands, however the only steam creatures present there are during Split Second, brought there by the Infinity Ball.
  • Although Scarlet's journal states that she will stop writing and instead use holograms, Scarlet Briar's Journal is dated a year after she became sixteen (a date given by her holographic recordings).
20 June 2015 (03:06) Auwurgh Auwurgh mentions Destiny's Edge being in the Blazeridge Steppes (specifically Degun Shun) in the past, but mentions only one asura. Edge of Destiny depicts Destiny's Edge when they were united prior to the personal story, but they were never near Degun Shun and there were always two asura (Zojja and Snaff).
11 June 2015 (17:06) Minister's Defense * Ember Doomforge's dialogue of her mother seems to refer to Almorra Soulkeeper, who is revealed in Ghosts of Ascalon to be Ember's grandmother, not her mother.
30 April 2015 (03:04) Crusader Arevir Soulhammer Crusader Arevir Soulhammer states that Almorra was "Almorra Soulkeeper was a tribune in the Blood Legion." However on page 97 in Ghosts of Ascalon, Almorra states "I served as a legionnaire in the Blood Legion at the time." Following up with her superiors' - a Centurion - duty.
20 April 2015 (08:04) Dolyak (Spirit of the Wild) According to A Spirit of Legend, the Spirit of Dolyak is also called Ox. However, the Shrine to Ox in Hoelbrak and Dolyak Totem in Angvar's Trove differ in appearance. (The first is a bull, while the second is a dolyak.)
24 February 2015 (02:02) Historian Merry Historian Merry states that the Jotun's fall from grace may, in addition to the psychological changes, have had an affect to their physical appearance.

However, the few in-game models showing Jotun prior to their downfall (Elder Thruln, Jotun Spirit, Jotun Ghost) does not reflect this fact.

15 February 2015 (03:02) Aurielo the Survivor Aurielo mentions a "tomb of an ancient war leader of Ascalon" that is "up north a ways" from Cornucopian Fields.
However, the only tomb in that direction is of Mazdak the Accursed, who hails from Orr and (purportedly) founded Kryta. (ref. Dead of Winter)
15 January 2015 (05:01) Azabe Qabar, the Royal Tombs The tombstones located right outside the entrance to Azabe Qabar are written in New Krytan. This conflicts with Timeline which states "1071 AE: The Sinking of Orr." and Cultural Diffusion in Contemporary Kryta which states "the New Krytan alphabet was born. The year was 1105 AE." - 34 years after Orr sank.
13 December 2014 (08:12) Mazdak the Accursed