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Banners used by the High Legions.

The High Legions are the four primary legions of the charr race and hold the highest form of organization within charr society. After the last Khan-Ur's death, the leadership of the charr was split into the four large legions, each led by claimants of one of the four children of the last Khan-Ur. Each High Legion is named after the primus warband of each legion and each is led by an imperator, who claim to be direct descendants of the Khan-Ur. The High Legions are the Ash Legion, Blood Legion, Flame Legion, and Iron Legion.

Each High Legion has claim to a different portion of charr territory. The Iron Legion holds control over Ascalon; the lands to the east of Ascalon, beyond the Blazeridge Mountains, are said to be held by the Blood Legion, though their homelands lie to the north, in an area previously known to be under Flame Legion's influence. It is uncertain where the Ash Legion originates from, but all four High Legions show interest to and operate in the region of Ascalon—Iron, Blood and Ash cooperating from within the Black Citadel and Flame Legion from their base of operations, the Citadel of Flame.


  • In the biography, charr characters must decide which High Legion the character belongs to. The Flame Legion is excluded from this list.

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