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Tira Quickfury is a primus of the Fahrar of Young Heroes currently showing the Stalk Warband its way around the Black Citadel. She begins her patrol by leaving the top entrance of the Hero's Forum and waiting on the lower level of the Imperator's Core until the Stalk Warband arrives from the upper levels.




Take my advice and leave while you can. We've got a tour of cubs from the citadel fahrar coming through.
(If charr)
Talk more option tango.png Do they get underfoot?
Truth is, I'd rather step on 'em than have to answer all their questions. "When do I get a sword? When do I get an axe? When do I get a bow?" I don't know how their primus does it.
Talk more option tango.png Being a primus is a calling.
It has to be. They take these mewling slugs of sass and turn 'em into skilled, dependable soldiers. I wouldn't have the patience. I'd kill 'em all on the first day.
Talk end option tango.png I guess you'll never be a primus. See ya around.
Talk end option tango.png Yeah. I'll see you around.
Talk more option tango.png Ah, but you charr are almost cute when you're that age.
Don't let that fool you. They're plenty tough. You mess with the cub, you get the horn nubs.
Talk end option tango.png Forewarned is forearmed. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png I'll watch where I'm stepping.

Fahrar Lesson Dialogue[edit]

Tira Quickfury: All right warband! gather around! Stick close. We leave no soldier behind. You understand?
Tork Stalkfell: Yes, Primus!
Tira Quickfury: Good enthusiasm, Stalk warband! Now, we're going into the Core. I've got things to teach you. Pay attention and learn well. Let's go.
Tira Quickfury: Listen up. You've been studying the legions and our hierarchy, right?
Tork Stalkfell: Yeah! A legionnaire reports to a centurion who reports to a tribune who reports to the imperator!
Koris Stalktwister: And the three imperators of the legions—Ash, Blood, and Iron—all report to the Khan-Ur!
Haras Stalkguard: But we don't have a Khan-Ur, silly. So they can't.
Koris Stalktwister: Yes they can.
Tira Quickfury: Hush. They would report to the Khan-Ur if we had one, but we haven't found a new one yet. Follow me.
Tork Stalkfell: (giggle) Shhh. That's an Adamant Guard. He'll stick grubs in your ears if you look at him funny.
Haras Stalkguard: He will not! Will he?
Tira Quickfury: He might. So behave. The Adamant Guard reports directly to Tribune Goreblade. They keep us safe. You must always be respectful to an Adamant.
Koris Stalktwister: Ow! Stop pinching me!
Tork Stalkfell: Shhh!
Tira Quickfury: On my heels! Move out, warband.
Koris Stalktwister: I heard Imperator Smodur is really mean.
Tork Stalkfell: They don't call him "The Unflinching" for nothing. I heard he took his own eye out just to intimidate an enemy he was fighting!
Haras Stalkguard: No, he didn't! Did he?
Tira Quickfury: The imperator is a courageous soldier and a brilliant engineer. He's going to take the Iron Legion to a new level of power and advancement. Stay close. We're on the move.
Haras Stalkguard: She didn't deny it!
Tork Stalkfell: Told you so.
Tira Quickfury: Gather 'round, soldiers. Up ahead, you see the Stormcaller horn. The evil human sorcerer Rurik used it to massacre a charr brigade led by our ancestral hero Bonfaaz Burntfur.
Tork Stalkfell: I already heard this story a thousand times. He blew on the horn, and it made fire rain down from the sky on our army.
Tira Quickfury: All right, smartytail. What else do you know?
Tork Stalkfell: I know that human Rurik, ambushed us without warning. If I'd been there, I'd have ripped his throat out.
Tira Quickfury: (chuckle) Good enthusiasm. Let's get a closer look.
Tira Quickfury: Let me tell you a little something about humans: they love their magic, and they believe in gods.
Koris Stalktwister: How come we don't kill them all then?
Tira Quickfury: They're our enemy, and never forget that, but we have a greater enemy now.
Haras Stalkguard: I know! I know! The dragons!
Tira Quickfury: That's right. The awakening of the dragons has shifted the balance of power across the land. We have a new, more pressing enemy now.
Haras Stalkguard: I think we should feed the humans to the dragons, then kill the dragons.
Koris Stalktwister: Don't be stupid. The dragons won't eat icky humans. They'd just throw them at us.
Tira Quickfury: Some believe as you do. Tribune Brighteye doesn't want a truce with the humans. Others, such as Tribune Kindleshot, disagree. There's a lot of argument about this.
Tork Stalkfell: Humans are scrawny. All the great heroes fought them, but they're not a threat anymore, and they divide our army if we war with them.
Tira Quickfury: Well said. And on that note, let's move on. Stalk warband, forward march.
Haras Stalkguard: Primus? Primus! Primus, I have to...you know.
Tira Quickfury: Hold it. We're heading back to the fahrar now. The other teachers are expecting us. You can go when we get there.