Jager Haunteyes

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Jager Haunteyes is a member of the Ash Legion. Unlike his partner, Korin Hauntfoe, he is in love with his assignment.



I love this place! Best guard duty I've had. Ever.
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What's so great about it?
It doesn't happen too often but we've seen cows flying through the air. My partner was even hit by one! It was hilarious.
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Are you serious?
I'm dead serious. I think the cattle are an exotic type of bovine—yet to be documented—with flight capability.
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I think you may have been dreaming.
(growl) I know what I saw! That's the only explanation. I challenge you to prove me wrong.
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Fine. I'll get to the bottom of these flying cows.
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That's crazy. I'm leaving now.
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Flying cows? I'm out of here.
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Keep that enthusiasm up!