Stonecrag Kraal

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Stonecrag Kraal

Point of Interest
Cadem Forest
(Plains of Ashford)
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Stonecrag Kraal is the main gateway for the ogres to advance into the Plains of Ashford.

Getting there[edit]

Stonecrag Kraal will occasionally be inaccessible due to the gates of the ogre kraal being closed. This happens if ogres are present in Cadem Forest.

If the POI is inaccessible, complete any event occurring nearby or start the event Drive the ogres from their watchtower by killing their scouts by talking to Dyrala Ogrestalker who is found south of Watchcrag Tower Waypoint.


  • This location has a faster than normal foe re-spawn rate.
  • This location has a higher than average concentration of veteran foes.
  • This POI used to also be accessible by jumping along the cliff to the north, starting just north of the tree adjacent to the northwestern part of the fence. From there, you could jump over the fence and into the enclosed area. This method has since been patched; jumping over the fence will now teleport you back to the outside of the nearest gate.
If the PoI is inaccessible due to the stalled Ogre event, it can still be reached with the use of a Raptor and Springer (otherwise asking a Mesmer with a Springer to teleport you to the jumping off point or a Skyscale). From the eastern side of the camp, jump unto a ledge of rocks and dash towards the Point of Interest with the Raptor. You will be teleported out but should acquire the PoI before that.