Captain Skyfire

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Captain Skyfire is the captain of the Pact airship found in Terzetto Bay.


Ruins of Orr


Welcome aboard! This vessel is the very latest in charr technology, a powerful weapon for our fight against Zhaitan.
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You'd better believe it! Air power is a key component of the Pact's invasion plan. We can do a lot with these ships.
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Like what?
I'm not at liberty to divulge specifics. Trust me when I say that the Pact is going to be raining fire on Orr until Zhaitan falls.
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You sure are confident.
Of course I am! No creature alive can withstand charr engineering. You just watch— Zhaitan will be history soon.
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Looking forward to it.
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I like the sound of that.
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I look forward to seeing what you can do.
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Thanks! This should be interesting.