Village of Smokestead

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the area. For the area as it appears during Halloween, see Village of Smokestead/Halloween.

Village of Smokestead

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Map of Village of Smokestead

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Location within Plains of Ashford


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Smokestead lies outside the Black Citadel on land we took back from the humans. It's our base of operations for further expansion into this region.

Fursta Farhunter

The Village of Smokestead is a small charr settlement that borders the Black Citadel. It is used for the citadel's defense against threats in the Plains of Ashford, such as Ascalonian ghosts and the Flame Legion.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Smokestead Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Three Legions Court
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Tavern on the Grey




Historical NPCs[edit]



Merchant (vendor icon).png Charr Bartender
Scout (map icon).png Fursta Farhunter (2)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Vloyat Crushmaw (Event merchant, after an event)


Ambient creatures



Ambient dialogue[edit]

Fursta Farhunter: Hey. Come talk to me.
Engineer: Whiskers, I need a flash of inspiration.
Engineer: Two tons of ore, one each of distilled coal and limestone.
Engineer: Iron ore becomes pig iron, wrought iron, cast iron, and finally steel.
Engineer: It's gonna take a blast furnace bigger even than the one we've got, my friend.
Engineer: What if we blew air through the molten iron, Whiskers? What do you think of that idea?
Centurion Crucius: What's that?
Iron Legion Soldier: They're gears, centurion! It's my task to clean them.
Centurion Crucius: Is that so. Because it looked to me like it was your task to pet them all nice and sweet-like.
Iron Legion Soldier: Understood! I'll do better, centurion.
Centurion Crucius: I'll have your tail if you don't.
Centurion Crucius: Quaestor.
Quaestor Arkhan: Report, Centurion.
Centurion Crucius: I spread the discipline thick today, Quaestor.
Quaestor Arkhan: Spread it thicker tomorrow. There's trouble brewing, and I want our warbands ready.
Iron Legion Soldier: Is it done yet, boss?
Blood Legion Soldier: No. Stop asking, or you're next on the spit.
Ash Legion Soldier: I'm gonna be old, and my teeth are gonna fall off before this boar is done.
Blood Legion Soldier: More for me.
Iron Legion Soldier: I don't know. I say it needs some more sauce.
Ash Legion Soldier: Take it off the fire. It's done. I'm starving.
Blood Legion Soldier: It ain't done. Shut up. I'll tell you when it's done.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Now that you're cub-free, we can cut loose and have some fun.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): I'll save you a seat at the bar...
Blood Legion Soldier (1): I heard the firing range has skritt troubles.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): That's nothing compared to the Flame Legion that keep attacking the armory.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): You got plans for tonight?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): I was going to take up some stool space at the Serrated Blade. See what happens.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Mind some company? Now that you're cub-free, we can cut loose and have some fun.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): I'll save you a seat at the bar. First round's on me.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): My mate took our cub to the Citadel fahrar yesterday. I have to admit: I miss it.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): When I turned my cub over to the fahrar, I just reminded myself of the bawling and the stink. It made it easier.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Can we stop at the armory on the way back? I want a whiff of the place. I love how it smells.
Blood Legion Soldier (2): A detour to the armory sounds good. We can consider it a mini-vacation.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): Not possible. I don't care what you say.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Keep your voice down.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): I'll keep my voice down when you start talking sense. I save my whispers for when I need them.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): I'm going crazy working in the fahrar. I'm not designed to deal with cubs.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): What have they done now?
Ash Legion Soldier (1): It's the Crush warband again. They've run off, probably ghost-hunting.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): They'll learn their lessons the hard way then.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): Cubs will be cubs. You can't watch over them every minute of the day and night.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): I know. I'm more worried my legionnaire will find out. One of those kids is his.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): Last full moon, the little scruffs decided they were going to capture a drake and keep it as a pet.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): What happened?
Ash Legion Soldier (1): They showed back up with so much singed fur, we had to shave them to get rid of the smell.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Oh no! (laugh)
Ash Legion Soldier (1): Gotta give 'em credit for courage and imagination.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Tell that to the Bash legionnaire who accidentally stumbled into their pit trap.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): It took his warband days to clean the tar out of his fur.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): Oh, no.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): You're telling me those Crush cubs are off scheming somewhere?
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Yes. They've been gone shortly after mess call.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): That's odd. I think that, for the first time in my life, I just felt afraid.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Now you know my pain.
Ash Legion Soldier (1): You remember when somebody put rotten devourer eggs in the practice cannons?
Ash Legion Soldier (2): (laugh) That was the Crush cubs too?
Ash Legion Soldier (1): They couldn't figure out how to fire them off, so they just left them there.
Ash Legion Soldier (2): Next morning, the first group shot rotten egg all over the field. Stank up the place for weeks!
Ash Legion Soldier (1): And they were downwind, so it sprayed back on everyone there!
Iron Legionnaire: Halt! Let me see your Iron pride!
Iron Legion Soldier: We've got iron in our blood!
Iron Soldier (1): We chew ore like cows chew cud!
Iron Soldier (2): If you try to mess with Iron!
Iron Legion Soldier: We'll drag your body to the pyre!
Iron Legionnaire: All right! Move your tails! I want to see sparks! Double time!
Iron Legionnaire: Warband, why do we patrol?
Iron Legion Engineer: To show that we are in control!
Iron Legionnaire: Warband, when do we bow?
Iron Soldier (1): Only when it's time for chow!
Iron Legionnaire: Warband, how do we fight?
Iron Soldier (2): We fight right, with all our might!
Iron Legionnaire: You make me proud. Move out!
Blood Legion Soldier: I'd rather kill Flame Legion traitors than dead Ascalonians.
Iron Legion Soldier: If you live long enough, you'll get plenty of both.
Dhemma Boommaker: So, that fat ol' legionnaire says to me, "Dhemma, you owe it to your warband."
Dhemma Boommaker: So I says to him, "I think I owe it to my warband to kick your tail."
Revlaw Boomfielder: Yeah, I hear ya.
Dhemma Boommaker: You should've seen the way he looked at me. Like I was maiming his pet bunny rabbit.
Dhemma Boommaker: That's when I knew there was no turning back. It was me or him. You know the rest. Much fighting ensued.
Dhemma Boommaker: So I says to him, after I kicked his tail, "How'd you like that, soldier?"
Revlaw Boomfielder: What happened?
Dhemma Boommaker: And I'll be an ogre's booger if he didn't shoot me. Got me good too, almost lethal.
Dhemma Boommaker: So I shot him back. Now I'm the legionnaire, and he's wurm chow.
Revlaw Boomfielder: Uh huh.