Soure Doomsday

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Soure Doomsday

Soure Doomsday is a potential recruit to the player's Blood Legion warband after completion of a Time for a Promotion and begins working for the player during Magic Users. According to Rytlock Brimstone, Soure is untrusted by some who believe he worked for the Flame Legion. Later, we learn that he was a former covert operative for the Ash Legion, rooting out double agents in the Black Citadel.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]



  • His dialogue implies that he was veteran spy for the Ash Legion and therefore older than he appears, however his voice acting and choice of words suggests a young-adult.
  • He can be seen dual wielding the Infinite Light sword.
  • Soure is said by Rytlock in Time for a Promotion to be a necromancer when he is actually a mesmer.