Legionnaire Caym Steelheart

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Legionnaire Caym Steelheart is a member of the Iron Legion stationed at the Steeleye Span.



Been five years now since that winged demon Kralkatorrik cut this ugly jagged scar through the land. If it weren't for this fortified bridge, we might never have gotten our supplies.
Talk more option tango.png What supplies?
When the dragon dredged this gorge, a lot of charge got caught on the other side. I was one. There was no way to get supplies from the Black Citadel to us. It got pretty dire.
Talk more option tango.png And that's why this bridge was built?
It was the only way to get across. Legionnaire Kyranith Steelgrip made building this thing a top priority. We've had to maintain a presence here just to keep it open.
Talk more option tango.png But isn't Kralkatorrik gone?
Until the truce, we were still fighting the humans from Ebonhawke. Since then, the dragon's minions—the Branded—stage constant assaults. Prying and cutting their way throughout the outer hull.
Talk end option tango.png Keep up the good work. Thanks.
Talk end option tango.png Seems like you're doing a decent job. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png Sounds like it. Good-bye.
Talk end option tango.png A good bridge can make all the difference.