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Disambig icon.png This article is about Rytlock Brimstone's warband. For an Ash Legion warband, see Stone Warband (Ash Legion).

The Stone Warband is the Blood Legion warband of the legendary Tribune Rytlock Brimstone. It originated as a group of striplings, smallest charr cubs in the fahrar, who banded together under Rytlock to fight bullies, and became a famous warband over the following years.[1]

As of 1319 AE, however, Rytlock had broken with his warband, then composed of "about a dozen" of each males and females, for reasons that he preferred not to state, leaving them "back east somewhere".[2] After Destiny's Edge split up, Rytlock returned to the Legions and eventually rose through the ranks of the Blood Legion to become tribune; it is implied that the remainder of his warband are officers of at least of legionnaire rank now who take their duties seriously.[3][4] Becoming a member of the Stone Warband is considered a high honor—and thus has high requirements.

In 1326 AE, the gladium Rox petitioned to join the warband, but was required to participate in several trials before being granted membership. Rox Whetstone, as she was provisionally known, destroyed Molten Facilities, attended the Queen's Jubilee in Divinity's Reach as the Black Citadel's official envoy, and took down Tequatl the Sunless in service of the warband.[5] However, she failed the final test of slaying Scarlet Briar in favor of defending her norn friend Braham.


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    "That's what they called us," Rytlock reflected. "In my fahrar—that's the pack they put you in when you're born—in my fahrar they called the smallest of us the striplings."
    "You were small?" Logan asked incredulously.
    "I was the youngest. The smallest. They called me Runtlock."
    "Runtlock!" Logan snorted.
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    "About a dozen," Rytlock said with a rueful laugh, "and a dozen sisters."
    "Big family."
    Rytlock shook his head. "Charr don't have families. We have warbands. The bonds are even stronger."
    Logan's eyes grew wide. "Was that them, back there? That funeral pyre?"
    "Course not," Rytlock snapped. "Those were Iron Legion. I'm Blood Legion."
    "You guys all look alike," Logan said with a shrug. "So, where's your warband?"
    "Back east somewhere. I left them."
    That comment hung in the air between them. "Why?"
    "My reasons are my own."
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    Blood Legion Soldier (2): Rytlock mocks and shames them. A few grim words and they concede defeat.
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    Logan Thackeray: Soldiers. Military officers who take their duties quite seriously.
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