Bulliyak Arsenal

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Bulliyak Arsenal

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Bulliyak Arsenal map.jpg
Map of Bulliyak Arsenal

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Diessa Plateau
Connects to
Sanctum Way (N)
Reaper's Corridor (S)
Nemus Groves (SE)
Rancher's Wash (W)

Bulliyak Arsenal.jpg

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Bulliyak Arsenal is an outpost serving as a warehouse for the forces attacking the Flame Legion stronghold Incendio Templum.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Waypoint (map icon).png Bloodsaw Mill Waypoint —
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Bloodsaw Mill





Merchant (vendor icon).png Anaa Baneblade
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Axbad Blightbringer
Reinforce Armor (map icon).png Lita Loudhammer
Armorsmith (map icon).png Shove Earbleeder
Scout (map icon).png Skulh Doomprowler




Ambient dialogue[edit]

Blood Legion Soldier (1): How's killin'?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Killing's good.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): You hear those Flame Legion crackpots screaming about Gaheron Baelfire?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Yeah, the way I hear it, they think he's some kind of god.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): You really think they worship him? Make sacrifices to him? Set people on fire?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Whatever. It won't matter after we kill that power-mad freak.
Blood Legion Warrior: Soldier! We're setting up a betting pool. You want a piece of the action?
Charr Soldier (3): Yeah, we're betting on how Gaheron Baelfire is gonna die.
Charr Soldier (1): My money's on a sniper's slug.
Charr Soldier (3): I got "blade to the gut!"
Blood Legion Warrior: Awww you're crazy. The guy's gonna get betrayed by one of his own troops.
Charr Soldier (2): I want a piece of this. A hero's hammer's gonna take him down.
Blood Legion Warrior: Oh, sure. Go for the easy money. Pay the quartermaster, and you're good to go.
Charr Soldier (1): Tell you what, if I ever face Baelfire, I'll kill him with my bare claws.
Charr Soldier (2): Yeah, he's the weakest of the weakest magic-users that ever lived.
Charr Soldier (1): Death by claw is more than he deserves, but I don't care.
Charr Soldier (2): His freakish cult will die when he does. I can't wait.
Charr Soldier (1): The Flame Legion thinks they're so hot.
Charr Soldier (2): Full of hot air? Hot-headed?
Charr Soldier (1): I'm going to burn out on your jokes soon.
Charr Soldier (2): Nice one!
Charr Soldier (male): You're uglier than the back of a yak.
Charr Soldier (female): A Bulliyak?
Charr Soldier (male): Oh, oh. How funny. Since you're so funny, would you laugh with my blade in your face?
Charr Soldier (female): Bulliyak would love to see you spitted like a pig. But I have better things to do than spit pigs.
Blood Legion Warrior: What are we here for?
Blood Legion Soldier: War! War! War!
Blood Legion Warrior: Flame Legion war. Bah! Sometimes it's even more boring than ranching.
Charr Soldier (1): Oh, you've done a lot of ranching, huh?
Blood Legion Warrior: Wait, wait, wait. That's not what I meant. I'm no rancher.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Is this war with the Flame Legion ever going to end?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): Doesn't end until they're all dead. What? You wanna become a farmer or something?
Blood Legion Soldier (1): I ain't complaining. I just wanna fight something different. Maybe some freaks from the Brand.
Blood Legion Soldier: Well, well, well. Looks like you need a fight.
Blood Legion Warrior: You know it. All this hurry up and wait is killing me.
Blood Legion Soldier: This war's gonna be easy. Baelfire thinks he's some kinda god. How hard can it be, fighting a lunatic?
Blood Legion Warrior: Never underestimate fanatics. They do the unexpected, and they never give up.
Blood Legion Warrior: And we're not just fighting Flame Legion. We got Separatists to the south. We got dragonspawn freaks swarming out of the Brand.
Blood Legion Soldier: Like I said, it's gonna be easy. It's a target-rich environment! Looks like Wintersday came early this year.
Blood Legion Warrior: Ears, forward, soldier! Never know what's out there.
Blood Legion Soldier: Nothing. But I'm ready.
Blood Legion Warrior: I doubt it. A cub could sneak up on you.
Blood Legion Soldier: Well, a cub would crush you.
Blood Legion Warrior: Okay, save the insults for sparring. Plenty of time for that later.
Blood Legion Warrior: Got your gear packed, soldier?
Blood Legion Soldier: Armed and armored. Got potions, meat, whiskey, black powder, and slugs. I'm good.
Blood Legion Warrior: Pack better. You'll be fighting your gear more than the bad guys if you don't.
Blood Legion Soldier: Why bother? I was going to drop my pouches after I killed someone with a bigger gun.
Blood Legion Warrior: At least you've got your priorities straight.
Blood Legion Warrior: I used to wonder what it's all about, then I found the front lines. And now I know.
Blood Legion Soldier: Ah, that's beautiful. Makes me want to devour a pound of meat!
Blood Legion Warrior: Do they eat people?
Blood Legion Soldier: What? Who?
Blood Legion Warrior: Flame Legion. You think they eat people?
Blood Legion Soldier: What kind of a dumb question is that? You sound like you're from Ebonhawke. Do we eat people?
Blood Legion Warrior: Of course not. We'd get in too much trouble.
Blood Legion Soldier: I think they just burn folks to death. There'd be nothing left but a pile of ash.


Crafting resources[edit]

Resource nodes
Plant resource (map icon).png Herb Sprouts - Herb Sprouts can be found outside the southwest gate, and on top of a rock formation southwest of the Waypoint (map icon).png Bloodsaw Mill Waypoint.