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Dinky (alt).jpg

Dinky and his alternate shield in Fury of the Dead.

Dinky is a charr that is originally part of a charr player character's warband. He takes part in the battle against Duke Barradin's ghostly forces in the Village of Smokestead. If the player does not choose him as their sparring partner in their biography, he dies during the battle. If he is the player's sparring partner, he survives and helps them along the rest of their personal story.

He used to be the smallest cub in the fahrar and fought harder to compensate. He is also described as "not very smart", but is a good friend. He is a guardian, and gets picked on often because of that.

Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


  • "Once, on a dare, I swallowed a thumbtack. I think it's still there."
  • "Killing's like weapon practice. But with a surprise inside!"
  • "Whenever I plan, I fall asleep."
  • "Breakfast is confusing. I mean, what do you call it when you have it at night? Start-fast?"
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