Xeres Grimjaw

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He asked us to do it right, and we chumped it, Krokar. This guy may not be a tribune or even a charr, but he's dead-on dangerous. We screw this up again, and he just might toss a torch into our hold himself.

— Captain Grimjaw

Legionnaire Xeres Grimjaw was a charr captain of the first Captain's Council. He was a surly fellow with dark tiger-striped fur, a thick muzzle, and two long snaggled canines. His ship was the Brutality.

Grimjaw attempted to assassinate Cobiah Marriner at the behest of Henst in order to sway the result of a council meeting. Grimjaw intended to then take the engine from the Pride, an achievement which would secure him the rank of tribune within his legion. After this plan failed, his warband set another bomb inside the Crow's Nest Tavern itself, intended to kill all the other captains, take control of Lion's Arch, install Henst as king, and get the crew and ships needed to attack Orr. When the mutiny was discovered, the rest of the council put it down.