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Reeva is a charr that is originally part of a charr player character's warband. She takes part in the battle against Duke Barradin's ghostly forces in the Village of Smokestead. If the player does not choose her as their sparring partner in their biography, she dies during the battle. If she is chosen as the player's sparring partner, she survives the battle and accompanies them along the rest of their personal story.

She is described as a Charr with a strong sense of humor who seeks to have fun in life and lets nothing get her down. She also implies (through her own dialogue) that she loves to drink, and dance. In addition, she seems to have an affection for sweet foods (and/or baking in general) judging by dialogue trees in The Tribune's Call. When the player character is not doing missions, Reeva can be found in the lounge/bar area on the first floor in the building to the left of the entrance of Hero's Canton.



Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


Maybe I should change my name to "Reeva the Cleava." Nah, that's awful.
If you think I can fight, wait till you see me dance.
Ugh. A burning harpy nest smells just like a chicken frying in sewage.
That's not ammo! That's brownies I made to cheer you up in case the Ghostbore Musket didn't work. I guess they're a bit overcooked, huh...
Gahn's kinda cute...for a big, lumbering, humorless goon. Wonder if he's single.


  • Reeva claims that her sire nicknamed her "Kitten" when she was a young cub.
  • Like several other NPCs (e.g: Such as Rytlock Brimstone, seemingly warrior, but using pistols), she doesn't conform to a particular player profession:
    • She has been seen using pistols and a short bow like thieves.
    • She uses grenades like engineers, and there is a reference of engineering tools in her biography description.
    • She wears heavy armor.