Elexus Shredskin

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Elexus Shredskin is a charr that joins the player's warband if they chose to be in the Blood Legion during character creation. The player encounters Elexus and Flame Recruiter Prathar arguing and, after refusing to desert Blood Legion for the Flame Legions, helps her kill the Flame Legion soldiers and her traitorous former warband. Elexus, now alone, asks to join the player's warband in hopes that she does not become a Gladium for the rest of her life. After recruiting her, Elexus can be found in the lounge area on the first floor in the building to the left of the entrance of Hero's Canton



Story involvement[edit]

Personal story[edit]


  • From the game's dialogue, Elexus states that her age may have faulted her chances at rejoining another warband if the player had not recruited her.
    • She also states that she's killed many males before, which implies that she is, in fact, a veteran soldier with substantial experience.
  • Elexus' armor and occasional use of the skill "For Great Justice!" (although she does not shout it) suggests that her profession is a Warrior.
  • By the lack of markings and her short fur it can be assumed that Elexus' concept design is derived from a Cougar.