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The Ooze Pit Trials

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The Ooze Pit Trials

Grothmar Valley
Event type
Meta event
Part of
The Ooze Pit Trials
Total events
API, #2

The Ooze Pit Trials is a level 80 meta event that occurs in Grothmar Valley at 14:00 Tyrian Time (40 minutes into daytime) and rewards a Blood Legion Key.


  • All's quiet at the Contender's Colosseum.
  • The trials are about to begin.
  • Legion representatives are gathering pledges. Speak with one to offer assistance to their lane.
    • Ash lane pledges x/5
    • Blood lane pledges x/5
    • Iron lane pledges x/5
    • Incomplete trials end in xx:xx
  • Legion pledges are fighting to complete their trials.
  • Not all legions were able to complete their trials. A creature is being summoned from the Ooze Pit. (If one of the legions failed their trials.)
    • Grand champion Ooze arrives in xx:xx
  • Pledges were unable to draw out the grand champion ooze. A wandering foe has emerged in its place. (If one of the legions failed their trials.)
  • The wandering foe has been defeated.
    • Contender's Colosseum closes in xx:xx
  • The legions have completed ... (If all legions passed their trials.)
    • Grand champion Ooze arrives in xx:xx
  • The grand ooze champion has appeared!
  • The grand champion ooze has been defeated!
    • Contender's Colosseum closes in xx:xx


Players must split up into three teams before the meta begins. Each of the teams will stand on a disc to pledge allegiance to a legion - pledging to one legion is irreversible for the current meta, and will prevent you from joining a different legion's trial. Speak to the charr at each disc to enter the respective legion's arena trials. Mounts are disabled within the arena.

Blood - First challenge

Stand on the capture points and keep ooze out until all three are captured. Three elite ooze coloured red, blue and green will spawn - stand in the respective toxin clouds to gain a toxin effect to kill them.

Iron - First challenge

Fight the ooze as they appear. Occasionally the ground will be marked in five separate places; all five must be stood on simultaneously without foes entering the rings to progress. Eventually more ooze will be forced to the surface. Defeating

Ash - First challenge

Pick up an empty barrel, and sneak across the room using the bundle abilities to the leak sites.

All - Second challenge

After completion of each of the first challenges, an Elite ooze will appear in each arena. Kill it.


If the challenges time out, or if all challenges are successful, then the walls of the arena will sink into the ground such that everyone can join each other.

At this point, if not all legions completed their challenges within the time limit (e.g. one lane failed), then a random Elite Ooze event will spawn as a consolation prize. No Blood Legion Key will be awarded.

Otherwise, a Champion Prismatic Ooze will appear and the main event will start. Stand on air vents when prompted. Avoid Toxic Ooze roaming around the arena or destroy their breakbar to kill them. Use the Red/Green/Blue toxin clouds to penetrate the invulnerability effect when prompted. The Champion Ooze will split into three Elite Ooze at 50%.


  • The achievement will not be granted if you arrived at the event late.

Event schedule[edit]

Previous 2 hoursNext 2 hours
00:00 UTC


As the trials start
Minister of Morale: Gladia, prepare yourselves! The Ooze Pit offers a chance to flaunt your skills and win a home with a legion! Trials open soon!
Gusta Wildfang: Gladia! The Ooze Pit trials will begin soon. Sign up and get noticed by your future warband!
Gusta Wildfang: The pledges are in! First trial's a crash course on your chosen legion. After that, who knows?
If Iron finishes first
Gusta Wildfang: And Iron for the win! Blood, I'm disappointed. Ash...I'm not surprised.

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