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The Havoc was an experimental Iron Legion vessel around a century ago. It sailed out of a coastal fort south of the Shiverpeaks. The Iron Legion's original goal was to create a naval unit that could challenge Kryta for control of the Sea of Sorrows, possibly even making an assault on Lion's Arch. Its construction was ordered by the imperator of the Iron Legion with boundary-pushing in mind, and to that end Sykox Steamshroud, its designer, built an engine into the bridge. With it, they could sail faster than a human galleon, and turn ninety degrees without losing speed. It was captained by Harrow Shroudweather.

The Steam Warband was one of two assigned to sail her. Originally sailed by a crew of seventeen, the Great Tsunami reduced her to seven, requiring them to take on stranded sailors such as Cobiah Marriner until they could make land. The only reason they survived at all is because they were out of harbor on a test run for the engine when the tsunami hit. The ship limped to Lion's Arch, hoping that their captive human could convince the Krytan government to give them refuge, but found nothing—the city had been drowned by the same tsunami that killed their crew and wrecked their captive's ship, the Indomitable. In the ruins of Lion's Arch, they came under attack by the human ship, the Disenmaedel, but Cobiah Marriner was able to convince them that they would have to put their differences aside if the crew of either ship wanted to live.

Many of the crew of the Havoc went on to serve on Marriner's ship, the Pride, which also contained a redesigned version of the Havoc's engine.

Notable crew[edit]