Memorial Quadrant

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Memorial Quadrant

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Memorial Quadrant map.jpg
Map of Memorial Quadrant

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The Memorial Quadrant is a section of the Black Citadel dedicated to fallen charr war heroes and warbands. Alongside the Plaza of Remembrance, the Memorial Quadrant contains two rows of giant statues, each dedicated to the greatest charr heroes, including Kalla Scorchrazor.


Waypoint (map icon).png Diessa Gate Waypoint —
Points of Interest
Point of interest (map icon).png Plaza of Remembrance
Personal waypoint (map icon).png Diessa Gate





Makeover Preview (map icon).png Aesthetician
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Armis Slapsharp
Trading Post (map icon).png Black Lion Trader (3x)
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Black Lion Weapons Specialist (x2)
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Culis Cannonbite
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Kaven Sharpeye
Laurel Merchant (map icon).png Laurel merchant
Weaponsmith (map icon).png Mala Greenbow
Armorsmith (map icon).png Veryta Plainstread

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Mist Warrior: We're losing the Mist War. Don't expect someone else to fight it for you.
Mist Warrior: Don't be shy. The Mist War needs folks like you.
Adventurer: Tell me about the Mist War. Is it worth my time? Worth the risk?
Mist Warrior: You want to know if defending the world is worth your time? Your life? Go see for yourself. The portal lies in Lion's Arch.
Kaven Sharpeye: You break it, you bought it.
Citizen: The joke's on you. I don't have any money.
Kaven Sharpeye: Okay. You break it, I break you.
Citizen: Hey, I know you. You fought in the arena last night!
Kaven Sharpeye: Thats right. I'm a merchant by day, but I'm a champ in the Bane.
Citizen: Dealing with customers makes you want to hit things, eh?
Kaven Sharpeye: No, I just want to be more than a merchant.
Citizen (1): Is that troublemaking punk back again?
Citizen (2): You've got to rip into him this time. Without scars, he won't remember.
Citizen (1): I'll mark him so he never forgets.
Citizen (1): Why are we letting all these human mice in our city?
Citizen (2): It's a sign of our victory. We went to war, they lost. Now they buy our stuff.
Citizen (1): I guess you're right. We have to sell stuff to someone. Might as well be them.
Soldier (1): You going out for some food?
Soldier (2): Maybe. I'm going hunting. Let's see what I catch.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): I smell black powder.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): Smells like home.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): You know what? We need more cannons over the front gate.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): We can never have too many cannons.
Iron Legion Soldier (1): Nothing's gonna get past these walls.
Iron Legion Soldier (2): These cannons have an answer for anything that comes our way.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): Remember the north?
Blood Legion Soldier (2): We had to melt snow for water.
Blood Legion Soldier (1): It was so cold we had to double up under the same blanket. Not something I want to do again.
Plebian (1): Thanks for getting us out of there in one piece.
Plebian (2): Yeah. Even with the truce, I never thought a charr would rescue a human.
Adamant Guard: It's got nothing to do with the truce. In our city, everyone obeys the same rules.
(This is the start of an excursion scene that begins at the onset of dawn.)
Zyron Hopecrush: One sylvari named Glynneth and one norn called Tallfir. Right? Good. I'm Zyron Hopecrush. You're with me. I've been tasked with showing you around the quarter.
Glynneth: I do appreciate your hospitality.
Zyron Hopecrush: Yeah, well. Sooner begun, sooner over. Take note. To the west, you'll find the gate to Lion's Arch, in case you decide you need to leave. Now, follow me.
Glynneth: Can I ask you a question?
Zyron Hopecrush: Later. There'll be plenty of time for questions at your destination.
(Tour dialogue continued in Haunted Nolani.)