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The panel defaults to the Gem Store tab when opened.

Need a Black Lion Chest key? Or maybe a stylish backpack? You can purchase those and more for gems in the Black Lion Trading Company Gem Store. Just click the lion icon in the top left of your screen.

— Black Lion Trading Company

Black Lion Menu Bar icon.pngThe Black Lion Trading Company (default O) is a graphical user interface menu bar element that provides a central access point to the economic portion of the game. The Black Lion Trading Company is also an organization within the game and can be found at Black Lion Trading Company HQ in Lion's Arch. The Black Lion Trading Company uses a golden lion for their emblem and is run by a charr named Evon Gnashblade.


  • Black Lion Trading Company gem store icon.png Gem Store: Buy items with gems
    • Redeem Code — used to enter a gem card code purchased from various real-world retailers.
  • Black Lion Trading Company currency exchange icon.png Currency Exchange: Exchange gems and coins
  • Black Lion Trading Company trading post icon.png Trading Post: Buy and sell items for coin
  • Purchase gems with real-world money using either Gem Store's "Buy Gems" button or Currency Exchange's "Buy more Gems" button.


Black Lion Trading Company trading post new.png is an icon that is indicating something new was added into the Gem Store. Mostly a new set of items in a bundle.
Black Lion Trading Company trading post free.png is an icon that is indicating an item is given for free at the Gem Store. These items have included Revive Orb, boosters, Transmutation Charges and many more.
Trading Post Pickup.png Indicates that there are items or coins to be picked up from the Trading Post.



  • The name is derived from Lion's Arch and Blacktide Den; a corsair outpost from the original Guild Wars.[1]
  • The Lion's Arch's-based firm officially took over operation of the Gem Store, Currency Exchange, and Trading Post on Friday, June 8, at noon PDT (UTC-7) 2012 when BWE2 launched.[2]


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