Luccia Wildeye

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I'm going to keep an eye on you. I may not be able to hear the command to attack, but when the fighting starts, I'll be there.

Luccia Wildeye

Luccia Wildeye is an old, deaf gladium from the Iron Legion. She is a weaponsmith and has developed her own sticky shot ammo: buckshot coated with lye that sticks to and burns the target.




Luccia Wildeye served loyally in the Iron Legion with her warband, and years of firing heavy artillery damaged her hearing. As decades passed, her aging warbandmates either died or retired. She eventually became a gladium who was stuck in the Wrecking Yard where she salvaged scrap for the Legion.

In 1325 AE, Luccia met with the recently promoted Legionnaire of the Iron Legion who had come to the scrapyard to salvage parts for the Ghostbore Musket. After Luccia saved the Legionnaire from a Flame Legion ambush with her improvised cannon, she was given a choice to join the Legionnaire's warband. It was an offer she gladly accepted as she had grown bored of the scrapyard where she had been been stuck in for months. After joining her new warband, she suggested that the Legionnaire seek out Craze Steelgrinder who could help with testing the Ghostbore musket prototype on the Ascalonian ghosts roaming near the Old Duke's Estate.

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