Ari Plaguespit

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the charr NPC. For other uses, see Ari (disambiguation).

Ari Plaguespit is a charr cub who leads the so-called Spit warband. She asserts her authority by making the members of her warband refer to her as Legionnaire and threatens or berates those who do not follow her orders. She ignores Vivika Venomspit due to the latter not acknowledging her as Legionnaire, but is willing to help Bevin Acidspit and Cara Poisonspit prepare for an upcoming quiz.




Despite being female, Ari appears as a male charr cub.
  • Ari leads a patrol which also includes Bevin Acidspit and Cara Poisonspit. After the three cubs have finished patrolling around Hero's Canton, they return up to the 12th Iron Maniple and disappear into an iron tower.