Engineer Cole Evershock

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Engineer Cole Evershock is trying to create a device to lower the burning exposure on the soldiers in the area.




You got any skills?
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Sure. Why do you ask?
I'm trying to gauge how you'll fit in here and what you have to offer. We have plenty of trouble with Flame Legion and natural hazards. This isn't the kind of place where an unskilled soldier can survive.
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Flame Legion?
They're the whole reason we're here. This is as close to their headquarters as we've ever gotten, and we intent to push right up their front steps and into their communal mess hall. We're tired of small victories. It's time for a big one.
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Sounds like a great idea. Where's the HQ?
Don't you worry about that. There's plenty of Flame Legion territory between here and there. We've got lots of ground to cover and a whole army of Flame shamans to school. Troops are moving west first. I recommend you follow their movements.
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Thanks. I'll do that.
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Make it happen. Good-bye for now.
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What do you mean by "natural hazards"?
If it burns, it's here. Mostly, we have to worry about tar elementals and lava. I've got more burn marks on my skin than a phoenix.
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Thanks for the warning.
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Don't worry about me. My skills are honed.
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None of your business.


Cole is depicted as a female charr despite having a male voice during dynamic events in the area.