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Followers of Ascension

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Several Followers around a campfire at Augury's Shadow.

I believe all creatures can Ascend. I'll find a way.

Follower Kaidenna

The Followers of Ascension are a group of various travelers from across Central Tyria and Elona. The Followers study the methods of Ascension and hope to ascend like the heroes of old. Originally, Follower Kaidenna (together with Follower Xunn and Follower Dawnwynn) followed her Wyld Hunt to learn more about the Forgotten and Ascension. Along her travels, more people joined her efforts to ascend, resulting in the groups gathered around Augury Rock by 1330 AE. The groups are split between First Camp and Second Camp with Augury's Shadow in Skyward Reach being the central hub for the organization.

Among the Followers are scholars of the Durmand Priory, pilgrims from the Free City of Amnoon and Central Tyria, and defectors from Palawa Joko's kingdom of Elona. In the case of the latter two, they find hope with the group, and perhaps a way to exact revenge. The Priory is mainly driven by more scholarly ambitions.


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  • The followers are not the first people trying to ascend. Many others have tried in the past, most notably the Margonites and Turai Ossa.