Legionnaire Angar Keenblade

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Legionnaire Angar Keenblade is a member of the Iron Legion stationed at the Steeleye Span.




Quite a feat of engineering, don't you think? If Vortarl the Despoiler had his way, we'd still be fighting those Branded creatures toe-to-festering-toe to get across this gorge.
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Who was Vortarl the Despoiler?
When the dragon Kralkatorrik first gouged out this chasm, Vortarl was our legionnaire. His plan was to confront the dragon's minions directly. We lost hundreds of charr without gaining an inch of ground.
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What happened to him?
Luckily, Kyranith Steelgrip chose to relieve him from duty. He wasn't easily convinced. Took Steelgrip putting a hole between his eyes to get him to stand down. Her first order was to start construction on this span.
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So, a happy ending...except for Vortarl.
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That's awful. I'd best be going now.
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Sounds like the bridge was an improvement.