Legionnaire Shattershield

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Legionnaire Shattershield is a member of the Blood Legion stationed at Brokentooth Maw.




Those Branded monster threaten us daily. Let them come. We'll die fighting before we surrender.
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Sounds like you need a hand. I'll fight with you.
If you want to fight, fine. But we're a warband. We fight together, we die together. If you run under fire, I'll cut you down myself.
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Let's talk about something else.
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Tell me about Brokentooth Maw.
We've been stuck here for a long time, cut off from the rest of our legion. The Maw is our home, and we aren't giving it up to those Branded abominations.
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Why don't you leave?
We would rather die than let the Maw fall into enemy hands. Leaving is an act of cowardice, and that's worse than death.
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Your dedication is admirable. Good-bye.
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I see. Take care then.
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