Sykox Steamshroud

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Spoiler alert: The following text contains spoilers relating to Sea of Sorrows.

Commander Sykox Steamshroud was the charr confidante of Commodore Marriner. He was described as being more than a head taller than Cobiah Marriner, with fur the color of rust, touched here and there with scalloped, leopard-like spots of darker brown and black on his arms and legs. He had a paler muzzle, more of a rusty white, and the lighter shade spread across his chest and down the insides of his arms. Ram's horns spread out on either side of his head, and four slender ears flicked back and forth below them.

Steamshroud was raised in a fahrar near the border of Kryta, and spent a lot of time studying the people and architectural plans of Lion's Arch. The imperator of the Iron Legion was planning for his generation to assault and seize the city, after the charr were done conquering Ascalon. He was an advocate for sparing Cobiah Marriner's life when he was first found stranded at sea and brought aboard the Havoc after the Great Tsunami, and over the next decade the two became good friends. Engineer Steamshroud was present for the sacking of Port Stalwart, the raid on the Salma's Grace and subsequent sinking of the Harbinger. In 1237 AE, when the Pride left Lion's Arch, Sykox elected not to join her, instead staying in the newly-rebuilt Lion's Arch to act as a second for Captain Marriner, the representative for the Pride on the Captain's Council, despite Sycox's disdain for council meetings.

By 1256 AE, Steamshroud was ranked commander. Sometime in between, his leg had been injured during one of the Dead Ship attacks, and the charr's weight had partially redistributed itself to his belly. By now, his fur was beginning to grey. When the Dead Ships arrived during the Great Krytan Blockade, Commander Steamshroud organised the building of an ad-hoc fleet from the ships' hulls that made up the buildings of Lion's Arch, and came to the aid of ships like the Balthazar's Trident and the Nomad II. Sykox personally led the charge, at the helm of the Pride.