Brutality (vessel)

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The Brutality was a charr ship captained by Xeres Grimjaw. Her shape, long and lean, was reminiscent of the Havoc, but this ship did not contain an engine. She had two masts standing fore and aft rather than parallel, and her sails were square-rigged in the way of charr military vessels. Her hull was painted a dark charcoal grey, like raw primer left to dry. Xeres Grimjaw and his warband bragged that it made her harder to see against the ocean. Sykox Steamshroud claimed it was a tribute to their legion: Ash.

The ship had two decks, with a thick hull designed to ram; she could take plenty of damage and still remain afloat, but that didn't leave the Brutality much space to carry freight. As with most charr vessels, it was lightly crewed, and only two warbands—the Grim Warband and the Zeal Warband—kept her running on long journeys up and down the coast. Those two warbands comprised fifteen sailors between them, plus three more gladia.

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