Shayd Dusknight

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Shayd Dusknight is a member of the Ash Legion stationed at Tawny Ridge.



So, what do you think of Tawny Ridge, eh? Pretty nice digs.
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I guess...for camp in a cave. How long have you been here?
I've only been here a couple of months, but Tawny Ridge was a base of operation for the Ash Legion since before the truce. They used to monitor humans from here, but now it's only a certain group of them.
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Certain group?
The human Separatists who ignore the "cease" part of the "cease-fire." They keep fighting us, and we keep kicking their patchily-furred butts. As long as they're here, we'll be here.
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So you're resigned to being here at Tawny Ridge forever?
It has all the comforts of home—dirt floor, damp rock walls, devourers and a practice dummy right outside. Only downside is Iron Legion built this place. What is it with Iron and the gears motif anyway?
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I'll just let you back to your cushy life.
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Interesting. Good luck.
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I've got somewhere to be.
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I think I'll just take a look around.