Korin Hauntfoe

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Korin Hauntfoe is a member of the Ash Legion posted at the Moorwatch Tower. Unlike his partner, Jager Haunteyes, he really hates his assignment.



This guard duty is going to be the death of me. I've been stationed in some harrowing places before, but nothing compared to this one.
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I know how this sounds, but on more occasion than one, I've been attacked by a flying cow.
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Flying cows? You're crazy.
I'm not crazy! There's someone out there behind it. I know it! I have a theory of who that person is, but I'm unable to confirm it.
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Who do you think it is?
There's an engineer southeast of here, past the harpy nests. He has a machine I've never seen before. I'd bet all of my fur that he's the one behind the flying cows.
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I should go talk to him.
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Good luck with that.
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Right. I should get going then.
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