Champion Drakin Cinderspire

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Champion Drakin Cinderspire

Try to break me, unbeliever. You will roast and die.

Champion Drakin Cinderspire

Champion Drakin Cinderspire is a powerful, unique Flame Legion Lava Shaman that leads the Flame Legion forces occupying the Scorchlands within Iron Marches. He can be encountered at The Blasted Hearth accompanied by many different types of Fire Elementals, and wields an axe as well as potent fire magic in combat.



Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat the fire shaman and his minions (60)

Combat abilities[edit]

His skills and attack pattern changes depending on which phase he's currently in:

  • In phase 1: he primarily uses heavy hitting melee attacks and a point blank AoE weapon swing, which he continues to throughout the event.
  • In phase 2: he uses an axe throw ranged attack which causes knockdown and burning as well as a whirling fire defense, during which he hurls firebolts for each ranged attack used against him (but doesn't reflect the projectiles used against him or prevent the attacks from reaching him).
  • In phase 3: he uses a brief, channeled, cone AoE in front of himself that Burns (similar to Drake's Breath) followed by an instant cone AoE in front of himself (similar to Fire Grab). He also briefly channels a ranged Lava Font that deals heavy damage over the duration to enemies inside and then launches them when it ends.

When Drakin's health pool is completely depleted he will transition to his next phase by retreating to the middle of the area and channeling, becoming immune to damage and summoning a large Fire Elemental as well as multiple Embers.

  • When transitioning for the second time, before phase 2, Drakin will also summon a number of Greater Embers.
  • When transitioning for the final time, before phase 3, Drakin will also summon a number of Veteran Fire Imps.
  • The large Fire Elemental can only be damaged by killing the Embers, Greater Embers, and/or Fire Imps.
  • Once the large Fire Elemental has been killed Drakin will lose the Determined.png Determined buff and begin his next phase.
  • This does not occur after phase 3, instead he simply dies.
  • If enough time has passed without the Embers and/or Fire Imps being damaged by players then they, along with the Fire Elemental, will despawn and Drakin will not enter his next phase. This takes a significant (3-5+ minutes) amount of time to happen and does not negatively affect the event's progression if it occurs.

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

Phase 1
  • Sever Artery Sever Artery - Chain. Bleed your foe with a slash.
    • Redirect Arrow.pngGash Gash - Chain. Bleed your foe with a gash.
      • Redirect Arrow.pngHamstring Hamstring - Cripple your foe with a precise slash.
  • Cyclone Axe Cyclone Axe - Point blank AoE attack.
  • Flurry Flurry - Burst. Immobilize your foes with a flurry of bleeding strikes. Effect increases with adrenaline level.
Phase 2
  • Chop Chop - Chain. Chop your foe.
  • Eviscerate Eviscerate - Leaps to an enemy and hits them with a melee attack.
  • Throw Axe Throw Axe - Projectile attack that inflicts Burning.png Burning.
  • Whirling Defense Whirling Defense - Channeled Point blank AoE that damages and Burning.png burns nearby enemies while retaliating against projectile attacks. Instead of reflecting, each time he's hit by a projectile he'll counterattack by firing his own projectile back at the attacker.
Phase 3
Phase 3 attacks
  • Drake's Breath Drake's Breath - Spray a cone of fire at foes while on the move.
  • Fire Grab Fire Grab - Cone AoE that deals damage, Burning.png Burning foes take additional damage.
  • Lava Jet - Channeled spell that creates an AoE field at target location, dealing damage every second and Knockback.png knocking back enemies after 3 seconds.
  • Dragon Punch - Charges toward an enemy and Launch.png Launches if he collides with them.
Stolen skills


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Elaborate Ritualist Bag.png Singed Ritualist Bag Container Exotic 1
Recipe sheet superior sigil.png Recipe: Rune of the Flame Legion Recipe sheet Exotic 1
Flame's Passion.png Flame's Passion
(only drops if the Meteorlogicus I: The Experimental Scepter collection is active)
Trophy Exotic 1


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