Ferthel Timberbreak

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Ferthel Timberbreak is part of a logging warband in Harvester's Glade, and likes to complain a lot about his warband mates. He is also an agent for the Order of Whispers.



I tell you. I just absolutely have no idea how we manage to get anything done here. This place is a catastrophe.
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What do you mean?
I wouldn't say a thing against my warband. Not a thing. But sometimes I think they couldn't fell a forest if there were only three trees in it. They're hard workers, of course. but they've got no skill.
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No skill?
Right. Might as well all be soldiers-take an axe and flail it around until you drop something. Now, me? I've been a logger since I could lift an axe. They should just let me organize things. I could straighten 'em up.
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I'm getting the impression that the problem isn't your warband.
(If in the Order of Whispers)
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You must endure the unendurable.
I must simply teach the unteachable. Looks like I can be straight with you. You're shrewd enough to see through a false face. You are a gem to the Order.
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What can you tell me?
If you find yourself near the Echoslab Arches, keep a sharp eye out. I've heard that if you go in deep enough, you'll find a secret the Inquest has been investigating. Expect things to get a little weird.
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