Mart Stonesweep

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Mart Stonesweep is a member of the Ash Legion located near The Last Whiskey Bar, and is part of the crew keeping an eye out for the Steeleye Span and Tribune Kyranith Steelgrip's safety.



Didn't know anyone could find us up here. Hrm, we should have covered our tracks better. Anyway, relax and take a load off. You should be safe on this spot.
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How do you know I'm not a threat?
We're all Ash Legion here. We've been watching your approach. If you were a problem, we would have solved you, if you get my drift.
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Fair enough. What are you doing up here?
We're having some rest and relaxation. Between you and me, though, we're keeping an eye on the Span. Those Branded creatures could overrun that fort at any moment.
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The Span?
It's the fort embedded in the twisted trench to the east. Tribune Steelgrip runs that place like a machine. She's a good officer. I'd hate to see anything happen to her.
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Good to know.
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And I'll be leaving now.
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Thanks, but I'll be on my way.