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The player's warband is a warband which, depending on the charr player's choices during character creation, either belongs to the Ash Legion, the Blood Legion, or the Iron Legion. The warband's members and leadership roles depend on the chosen legion, the surviving sparring partner, and the selected story branches during early charr personal story. The warband's name, Steel Warband, is only mentioned for Blood Legion players.


Personal story[edit]

During a battle with the ghost of Duke Barradin, the warband was nearly wipes out, seemingly leaving only the player and their sparring partner (and, for Blood Legion, their Legionnaire) as survivors. In the wake of their Legionnaire's demise (or, for Blood Legion, disgrace), the player takes the role of Legionnaire and begins recruiting to rebuild the warband. The recruits continue to accompany the player until they leave to join one of the Orders, promoting their sparring partner to Legionnaire in their place.

Interim years[edit]

In the following years, the sparring partner turned out to not be as effective in leading the warband as a legionnaire or keeping the morale up as the centurion had done. Two warband members were killed by the Branded while evacuating a Sentinel patrol near Day's Labor, leading Elexus Shredskin to criticize the new legionnaire and bond with the promising young sniper Vishen Steelshot.[1] Luccia Wildeye felt being neglected by the warband and jumped at a chance to be at use helping Ranoah Grindsteel build her tank.[2] Yahuk Fellstrike felt disillusioned by the centurion spending more time abroad with their new allies and not visiting the warband, leading to Yahuk having an argument about it with the legionnaire.[3]

The Icebrood Saga[edit]

Elexus, Luccia, and Yahuk defected from the warband and joined the rogue Imperator Bangar Ruinbringer's breakway Dominion army with hopes of turning the tide of history in favor of the charr by helping him subdue the Elder Dragon Jormag as the charr's counter to the Elder Dragon Aurene in 1333 AE. By the time of the war between the Dominion and the United Legions in Drizzlewood Coast in 1333 AE, the three defectors were killed while defending vital Dominion supply caches from the United Legions.

The warband suffered heavy losses in the conflict with Bangar's forces, seeing many members killed and others defect to the Dominion. Despite these setbacks, the partner was overjoyed to briefly reunite with the centurion during the conflict and expressed that they would support the centurion's new path in life with their Elder Dragon ally Aurene no matter what.[4]


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