The Bane

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The Bane

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Map of The Bane

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The Bane is a large arena situated at the base of the Black Citadel. It is known for being used to settle disputes through fighting, as well as provide entertainment matches. It has an underwater tank underneath that is used for water battles and large devourers are provided for some matches.


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Ambient dialogue[edit]

Bane Touter: You want to talk about a fight, or see one? Step right up!
Spectator: Is the arena open?
Bane Touter: It's always open! Every night's a fight night! Right this way!
Bane Touter: Rivalries resolved! Criminals punished! Outsiders tested! Tonight in the Bane!
Spectator: Any asura fighting tonight?
Bane Touter: Yep! I got a new runt just itching to prove himself.
Spectator: Good! I'd like to see him think his way out of this one!
Bane Touter: Rivalries resolved! Criminals punished! Outsiders tested! Tonight in the Bane!
Spectator: You got any norn fighting tonight?
Bane Touter: Some northern fool challenged a whole warband to a blindfolded brawl!
Spectator: I've got to see this. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.
Bane Touter: You! Don't just stand there! Get in there!
Spectator: You talking to me? Are you looking for a fight?
Bane Touter: No! You are! Right this way! Mayhem and murder in the citadel's arena!
Citizen (1): You ever fight a sylvari?
Citizen (2): I've seen them fight. They're brave and clever.
Citizen (1): I talked to a human who wrestled one. He said they bend, but don't break.
Citizen (1): Put your claws away.
Citizen (2): Sure. Why not? I still have teeth.
Citizen (1): So then he says, "If you wanted me to use my claws, all you had to do was ask!" (laugh)
Citizen (2): (laugh) Priceless. Hey, hold that thought, will you? to go take care of something.
Citizen: Well? Did you do what I asked you to do?
Cub: Yeah. I put it back in its sheath. The primus doesn't know you had me "borrow" it.
Citizen: Good job, cub. You passed the first test.
Spectator (1): What're the odds?
Spectator (2): Depends on the fight.
Spectator (1): You ready for the fight?
Spectator (2): I am. It's been a long day, and I'm ready to enjoy the show.
Spectator (1): Nothing like a fight in the arena.
Old Soldier: My old fahrar, nearly all gone now. I'll drink to them tonight.
Old Soldier: I may have lost a step or two, I'll admit. But I still have enough in me to take down a nest of grawl.
Soldier: It cost him, but he wouldn't leave his warband behind. Now, he has to be fed and changed like a cub, the poor wretch.
Soldier: The most important lesson I've learned is that you never want to be the weakest link.
Brawler (1): I want you to hit me as hard as you can.
Brawler (2): If I did, you'd never get up again.
Brawler (1): You see the way he took that last punch?
Brawler (2): It's like they say: the ones you don't see hurt the most.
Brawler (1): You think he's got a shot?
Brawler (2): He's got the reach, but he doesn't have the stamina. He won't go the distance.
Brawler (1): I hate having to hold my claws when I throw a punch.
Brawler (2): You'll get used to it.
Brawler (1): Yeah, but I feel like a cub fighting that way.
Brawler (2): This isn't war; it's a sport. You want to win, you have to play by the rules.
Brawler (1): You see the way he blocked those punches?
Brawler (2): Shell defense is a fool's game. He shouldn't be fighting crab style.
Brawler (1): Seems to work for him.
Brawler (2): He hasn't fought anyone like me yet. Wait and see. Watch and learn.
Brawler (1): What'd ya tell that guy after the brawl?
Brawler (2): I told him to block more head shots.
Brawler (1): Why'd ya do that?
Brawler (2): I wanted to see him get punched in the gut more.
Brawler (1): You're getting better, but your edge isn't razor sharp yet. Let's do it again.
Brawler (2): Shouldn't I save my strength for the actual tournament?
Brawler (1): There's no such thing as too much practice, new meat. Ready yourself!
Brawler (1): I can't throw another punch. Can we stop now?
Brawler (2): Pfah! You're mewling like a kitten. You want me to get you a bowl of cream, cub?
Brawler (1): You're sadistic, you know. If I've punched myself out by the time the tournament starts, I'm going to blame you.
Vigil Crusader: No offense, but...that doesn't seem right to me.
Ash Legion Soldier: I don't care about right and wrong. I care about winning.
Vigil Crusader: Hey, if he bares his teeth, can I draw my weapon?
Ash Legion Soldier: If he bares his teeth, it's too late. You've already lost.
Vigil Crusader: You guys don't like losing, do you?
Ash Legion Soldier: Not at all. Winners live. Losers die.