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Warpblade (achievement)

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Warpblade (achievement).png The Warpblade is a Specialization Collections achievement for the weaver.


This achievement rewards items. Warpblade Specialization Collections 3Achievement points
Collect these 14 items and skins to receive the weaver's sword, Warpblade.
Reward:Warpblade.png Warpblade

1 Item Collected 1Achievement points
7 Items Collected 1Achievement points
14 Items Collected 1Achievement points

Collection items[edit]

Item Acquisition
Weaver's Sword.png Weaver's Sword Begin training the elementalist's weaver elite specialization.
Pyre Gall.png Pyre Gall Consume this item that drops from hydra in the Crystal Desert.
Djinn's Royal Ceremonial Ring.png Djinn's Royal Ceremonial Ring Purchased from Distinguished Professor Nazimi at the Vehtendi Academy in the Domain of Vabbi.
Wish for Harmony.png Wish for Harmony As a weaver, use a Mystic Coin in the Wishing Well in the Garden of Seborhin.
Chains of the Unbound Djinn.png Chains of the Unbound Djinn Complete the bounty for Aszar, Swinging Pendulum in the Lair of the Forgotten in the Desolation.
Threat Report- Elemental Confluences.png Threat Report: Elemental Confluences Purchased from Keeper Pamir at Torment's Watch in the Desolation.
Trophy of the Champion Weaver.png Trophy of the Champion Weaver Complete a race event in any of the Crystal Desert map as an elementalist.
Sunspear Cutlass.png Libeh's Truthteller Found when identifying gear, or purchased from the Black Lion Trading Post.
Recipe sheet superior rune.png Recipe: Superior Rune of the Weaver Defeat the water djinn Shazuul below Vehtendi Academy in the Domain of Vabbi.
Riddle of the Weaver.png Riddle of the Weaver Explore Transcendent Bay in the Desert Highlands with your jackal.
Glowstone Amulet.png Glowstone Amulet Drops for elementalists from caffeinated skritt in any Crystal Desert map.
Weaver's Antipodes.png Weaver's Antipodes Fully train Weaver specialization.
Piece of Elementalist Gear.png Weaver's Cache Earn map complete on any Crystal Desert map as an elementalist.
Mordant Edge.png Mordant Edge Craft with recipes purchased in the Desolation or the Domain of Vabbi.