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Specialization Collections

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Specialization Collections is an achievement category for collecting weapon and armor sets from the specializations.


Specialization Collections.png
Specialization Collections (Collections)
Total achievements: 33 99Achievement points


  • Each specialization collection is unlocked by training the first minor trait of each elite specialization, except in the case of the Mistward armor.
  • Each piece of Mistward armor, with the exception of the Mistward Headwrap, is unlocked by completing the associated Revenant core specialization.
  • Various levels of the relevant expansion's masteries may be required to obtain all of the items. See the Achievement page for each collection for specific levels required of each mastery.
  • Heart of Thorns elite specialization's weapon collections require collecting the Machined weapon of the matching type, while Path of Fire collections require collecting both the named exotic Sunspear weapon and Mordant weapon matching the type.
    • If two of the same expansion's elite specialization collections are for the same type of weapon, then obtaining them once counts for both. For instance, for Herald and Chronomancer, the Machined Shield will count for both collections. This is the same for the Holosmith and Weaver collections, which both require Libeh's Truthteller.
  • Some collections require unlocking a Mystic weapons skin. The typical method of unlocking Mystic skins (via the Mystic Forge) can be significantly more expensive than the typical cost of crafting an ascended weapon directly.