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The icon used to show that auto-attacking has been activated for a skill.

Auto-attack is a game mechanic that allows a single skill on the skill bar to be automatically activated whenever it is recharged.


By default, skill 1 on all weapon sets is set to auto-attack. To toggle the auto-attack status of a skill, CTRL + Right-click that skill. Only one skill at a time can have auto-attack status, so enabling auto-attack on a different skill will disable auto-attack on any other skill. Note that some skills, most notably any that are ground-targeted, cannot be set to auto-attack.

Manually activated skills take priority over the auto-activation skill, within the time limits of what the skill animation allows for [1]. As soon as the manually activated skill has been executed, the skill that's on auto-activation will activate after the animation of the manual skill has ended (if it meanwhile has recharged).

Targeted auto-attack skills will continue to activate against the original target even if you select a different target. To disable this feature, open the options panel, and under Interactions choose "Stop attacking on target change."

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