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This frame on a skill icon indicates that auto-attack has been enabled for that skill.

Auto-attack or auto-activation is a game mechanic that allows a single skill on the skill bar to be automatically activated whenever it is recharged. The auto-attack occurs only if the target is in range of the respective skill, and the character is facing the target. By default, skill 1 on all weapon sets is set to auto-attack. To toggle the auto-attack status of a skill, Ctrl+Right-Click that skill. Icon of the skill currently set to auto-attack is indicated by the yellow frame formed by circling arrows.

Between the weapon and utility skills, only one ability at a time can have the auto-attack status. Independently from and in addition to the weapon and utility skills, active pet abilities can also be set on auto-attack – ranger's Beast and mechanist's Mech Command skills. Some skills, most notably ground-targeted abilities, cannot be set to auto-attack.


Here, Thief's short bow skill 1 is set to auto-attack.

Manually activated skills take priority over the auto-activation skill, within the time limits of what the skill animation allows for [1]. As soon as the manually activated skill has been executed, the skill that's on will activate after the animation of the manual skill has ended (if it meanwhile has recharged).

Targeted auto-attack skills will continue to activate against the original target even if you select a different target. To disable this feature, open the options panel, and under Interactions choose "Stop attacking on target change."

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