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Echo of Scarlet Briar

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Disambig icon.png This article is about the revenant echo. For the sylvari terrorist, see Scarlet Briar.

Spend a few years in the Mists, you meet the most fascinating people.

Captain Mai Trin in Can't Trust a Pirate

The Echo of Scarlet Briar is a revenant legend of Scarlet Briar. She manifests as an echo in Cantha after she overwhelms and possesses her invoker Captain Mai Trin.


Act I[edit]

In 1335 AE, Mai Trin witnessed her first mate Ankka staging a mutiny with all of the Aetherblades except for Ivan who remained loyal to his captain. Disheartened by the unexpected betrayal, Mai Trin got drunk and encountered a party led by the Pact Commander trespassing into her hideout to arrest her. Upon realizing that her former employer Joon had followed the Commander in as well and that everyone present kept accusing her of the recent Aetherblade raids, Mai grew tired of trying to explain herself and decided to make a last stand to go out in a blaze of glory.

Mai soon realized that she was unable to beat the party in her weakened state, so she began channeling more power from the Mists to boost her revenant abilities, ultimately invoking the legend of her late mentor Scarlet Briar herself. However, Scarlet proved to be too strong and crazy for Mai to handle, and the legend manifested as an echo after possessing her invoker. After a fierce battle, the Commander's party managed to subdue Scarlet's echo and apprehended Mai. The captain was still overwhelmed by the voices from the Mists and having trouble tuning them out, so Kasmeer Meade suggested dampening her sense of sight with a blindfold to help her focus. After fashioning a makeshift blindfold for the deposed captain, the party demanded that Mai Trin divulge what the Aetherblades were planning.[1]

Act II[edit]

The Commander and Marjory Delaqua took Mai Trin to New Kaineng City since she had some knowledge of Ankka's plans for Xunlai Jade's tech and because she knew something about the tech itself too after having worked as Joon's protégé in the past. The party, joined by their asuran ally Gorrik, were invited by Joon to Yong Reactor to inspect Soo-Won and ensure that the Elder Dragon of Water was not held captive against her will. As they listened to Joon's lecture on how Cantha harnessed extracted dragon energy from Soo-Won to power up jade tech, the Commander and their companions raised concerns about the safety of such a procedure. Gorrik pointed out that Joon seemed as capable and motivated as Scarlet but less scary. Scarlet's echo responded to the comment, and Mai explained that the sylvari had not been offended by Gorrik's remark.[2]

However, they soon witnessed Ankka infiltrating the facility and using her Extractor to force-feed the Elder Dragon Aurene's stolen magic into Soo-Won in order to destabilize the magic within the Elder Dragon of Water who then went berserk and escaped the facility in response. As the party fled from the now flooding reactor, they learned that the combination of Aurene's uncontrolled magic and Soo-Won's explosive escape had sent the reactor into a meltdown. It was up to them to fix it before the reactor exploded and took all of New Kaineng and the jade tech spread all over Cantha with it. Upon locating the control room, however, Mai Trin sealed herself in, preventing the rest of the party from intervening while she went to stop the reactor from exploding by using the knowledge that Scarlet's echo had provided her with.[2]

As Marjory, Gorrik, and the Commander fled the facility, Mai managed to prevent the reactor from reaching catastrophic failure only to find herself cornered by the displeased Ankka. Realizing that she was doomed anyway, Mai's eye color changed as she channeled Scarlet one last time before turning around to shoot at Ankka. The former first mate was faster, however, gunning the captain down before delivering a final shot to end Mai's life. Scarlet's echo helping Mai Trin save Cantha and the world from a massive release of Void magic ended up fulfilling Scarlet's promise to Caithe from all those years ago: "Caithe, someday you'll see, Tyria needs me."[3]



Story involvement[edit]

End of Dragons story[edit]

Combat abilities[edit]


DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Chaos and Destruction - Three whorls of pure chaos scour the room while leaving their epicenters untouched.
  • Electric Blast - Scarlet releases patterns of localized energy blasts.
  • Flanking Shot - Scarlet blasts everyone with her infamous rifle. Watch your flanks!
  • Focused Destruction - Scarlet focuses a deadly blast at one target. However, the damage is spread among multiple targets if allies are in the blast radius.
    • Focused Destruction (Challenge Mode) - Scarlet focuses a deadly blast at one target. However, the damage is spread among multiple targets if allies are in the blast radius.
  • Ley Breach - A powerful beam strikes from above, charging the ground with ley energies.
  • Tormenting Wave - Scarlet slams her fists into the ground, releasing a wave of energy that applies torment to her enemies.
  • Toxic Bullet - Motes of tormenting energies pour from the rift, exploding when they come into contact with the barrier.
  • Toxic Orb - An immense, slow-moving orb of crackling energy fired by a hallucination of Scarlet. Applies torment.
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    Captain Mai Trin: I need your power. I need more. Please! I can't lose again!
    Marjory Delaqua: Gods—Is Scarlet!
    Lady Kasmeer Meade: It's not her! It's a revenant echo.
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    Captain Mai Trin: Um... She says "none taken." [...]
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    Gorrik: Shut it down...? Joon taught you how to do that?
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