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Legendary equipment refers to equipment of Legendary rarity. It allows freely changing its attribute combinations and swap upgrade components, and can be equipped simultaneously on all characters on the account through Legendary Armory. Additionally, legendary weapons, armor, and back items feature unique appearance and visual effects and allow changing their skin without spending Transmutation Charges.

All legendary equipment has a level 80 requirement and is equal to Ascended equipment in stats. Most legendary equipment is account bound on use or acquire.


Upgrade components


Selectable stats[edit]

  • Legendary gear has the unique mechanic that allows players to change the item's attributes while out of combat at no cost.
  • All attribute combinations are available to Legendary equipment regardless of whether or not an expansion is owned, except in the case of the legendary relic.[1][2]
  • Legendary equipment will always have stat values equivalent to the the highest tier of equipment available. Currently, they have stats equivalent to Ascended equipment, at least where ascended equipment is available. This means that relics, runes, and sigils are equivalent to the Exotic equipment, as those are the highest tier currently available for those pieces of gear.

Upgrade slots[edit]

  • Any upgrade slotted in legendary equipment can be freely removed by right clicking the item and choosing to remove the upgrade. Upgrades in legendary equipment are returned to inventory upon a piece of legendary gear being fully removed from all equipment template tabs, without further action being necessary.
  • Legendary equipment has upgrade slots on weapons and armor, but not on backs and trinkets, same as ascended equipment.
  • Legendary runes and sigils can be freely slotted and removed from any type of armor or weapon respectively without using an Upgrade Extractor, and will not be destroyed by salvaging equipment that contains them.

Infusion slots[edit]

  • Legendary equipment also includes all possible infusion slots for their item type, meaning they do not require to be infused nor attuned.


  • Legendary weapons could not swap infusions nor sigils until October 30th, 2018.
  • It is possible to create more than one of any legendary weapon, armor piece, sigil, or rune via the mystic forge. The only legendary backpack and ring that may be created multiple times is Warbringer and Conflux respectively. The other legendary backpacks and legendary trinkets may only be created once, as their precursor items are currently only obtainable as collection rewards.